Poll: Are you getting a white iPhone 4?

Are you getting a white iPhone 4? If rumors are to be be believed, tomorrow is the day you can finally get your hands on the very nearly mythic device. Almost 10 months after Apple announced it at WWDC 2010, it should be going on sale at Apple Stores, Best Buy, and a variety of carrier stores world wide.

Have you waited this long to update? Will you be swapping your nearly identical black iPhone 4 for white? Or do you have absolutely no interest at all in this and just want Apple to get on with iPhone 5 already?

Vote in the poll and give us the details in the comments!

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Poll: Are you getting a white iPhone 4?


I hate white phones! Black is the only way to go! Besides, I have a black iPhone 3GS that is serving my needs just fine. I will definitely be waiting until at least iPhone 5 (or 4S or whatever they call it), maybe even iPhone 6.

Once they go with Mike, they turn into a...
...well, I'll censor that one for fear that Allyson might bring the wrath upon me.

EXACTLY. everyone doesn't already have an iphone either. i've been waiting and planning for june since june of last year if not before.

What's that have to do with anything? Is the white case the reason you don't buy a MackBook or iMac? Because, tbh, there are much better reasons not to buy one of those as there are with this "new" iPhone.

I did the conversion months ago. I'm getting over it as everyone will be excited to have one. I want the 5!

The white iPhone is for chicks who suck dicks and switch hitting bitches run the snitches cap the riches and flip the script and leave'em in a ditch.
Short answer "No"
Long live the Beastie Boys
Peace TiPb

Man, that's crazy. If I would have waited 10 months, 10 just for the white iPhone. I don't think my 3G would've had the heart to last that long. Haha.

Why is there never an option for:
"No. White phones are ugly and only for Apple fanboys looking to draw attention!"

Honestly, most of us have them cased anyway. But, reason I will be getting one, or probably getting one is not for myself. Wife wants one, so will get her white, this way no confusion.

I'm getting it. I like the color. There's nothing stopping me from selling my 3GS to cover the cost of this model.

I'll wait for my iPhone 5 to come. They would have to announce that there will be no 5 this year for me to put 300 dollars into a phone this year AND next. The white has to have some major improvement over the original 4.