Poll: Will you be switching to a shared plan on AT&T or Verizon?

AT&T has announced their shared plans and like Verizon before them, you'll need a masters degree in applied arithmetic to figure them out -- or just be smart enough to cheat off our own Leanna Lofte who did all the heavy counting and showed you which is better between AT&T and Verizon and by how much! Of course, you'll still have to figure out if a shared plan is cheaper than your existing individual plan...

But once you crunch those numbers, we want to know what you've figured out? Will you be switching to a shared plan on AT&T? A shared plan on Verizon? If so, how many iPhones will you be paying to put on it? How many iPads? Anything else?

Or are you waiting for something, like maybe the iPhone 5 or iPad mini before you make up your mind?

Or maybe you just think there's something fishy about shared plans in general, and that bits should be bits, and you want not part of them?

Whatever you decide, even if it's to wait before deciding, we want to know! Check out Leanna's walkthrough and then come back here and vote in the poll up top and tell me the reasons why in the comments below!

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Reader comments

Poll: Will you be switching to a shared plan on AT&T or Verizon?


I am on an old Verizon shared plan with 3 other family members. Two of us are grandfathered in on the unlimited data plan. But if I ever want a new phone, like the iPhone 5 I was planning on, I have to go to the new, shared plan and give up my unlimited data. OR I can pay full retail for the iPhone 5 and stay on the plan I'm on. <eye roll>

Probably not... The Verizon plan is just too darned expensive. I was planning to jump to Verizon with the iPhone 5, but I'd be paying lik $30/month more just to get an equivelant plan to what I have now on AT&T.

So I'll stick to the plan I've got or get an unlocked/contract-free iPhone and go with Straight Talk for $45/month.

Well, Unlike AT&T, Verizon has given me no choice in the matter. When I upgrade my two phone lines to the Iphone 5 this fall, Verizon will force me to give up my current plan that works great for me and my family, to get the more expensive shared plan......oh unless I am rich enough to pay full price for 2 IPhones. AT&T, on the other hand, allows you to keep your current plan.

you wont be forced to the new plans, you will just not be able to keep your unlimited data. you can keep your minute plan and just move over to the 2GB for 30 plan they had before they introduced the new plans

I purposely signed a new contract with Verizon two days before the new plans took effect. Two more years of unlimited data, at least. After that, i'll probably just pay full retail for my next phone and keep the data plan I have.

I'm on a shared plan with my bro and if we switched it would be $10 more for less data, we both have unlimited. We never come close to using our 450 minutes and have I think 4000+ roll over minutes anyway. Pass.

These plans are crap. What about the people with 1 device? Currently all I have is an iPhone. My plan now is $80 with 450 minutes, 1000 text and unlimited data. I just checked Verizon's site and they don't even have individual plans anymore. Even if I pick 1GB/month my bill will increase $10. How is this helping me?

Also, they increases the overage cost. It used to be $10/GB over and now it's $15. Not that I've ever had to worry about this but these are things that you have to look at before going to a limited plan.

You can only hope, that ATT and Verizon end up with only each other to talk/text/email/iMessage/FaceTime/ et.al to. ACTUAL customers have decoded NOT to play the game of whack-a-mole with these carrier clowns with their gangs of FIRED, wall street math wizzers trying to figure out how to squeeze .087336957532 % more out of the swatch of 9 years olds that tend to play video games for 9.225674623 seconds in the afternoons on Wednesday and Sunday between 3-3:07 pm... AND, tend to do it from a friends house so it's cellular instead of WiFi unless the friend has a WiFi hoy spot that the visiting gamer is tethered to then we have to charge them both!! Oh, the other friend isn't on ATT?? Charge them anyway...

These people are idiots.... move to Sprint... one rate - flat - you're done...end.

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Since it costs so much for one user to have a plan, invite that user to your plan. Ideally this would be someone you could trust to pay on time and even better, doesn't use much data. Charge this person at least a 100 and you're good to go. If a couple, try to get 150.

Verizon charges less for data as you go up. 150 for 20gb. 40 x 3= 120. Find two people paying you 100 each a month and you only end up paying 70 a month (270-200=70).

The new plan will cost me $65 more a month to lose unlimited data. So I will not be switching unless forced.

Current: 450 Minute Family plan, 2 iPhones (1w/ unl data, other w/ 2 GB), each with minimum 200 msgs, also 1 feature phone for my dad who makes 2 calls per month. Total cost: $125

New shared plan (based on having exceeded 4 GB between two iPhones some months): 6 GB shared data, 2 smartphones, 1 basic phone. Total cost: $190 (152%)

I am considering tethering my iPad to my Phone on the curent plan. I would lose Unlimited data (5 GB instead), and it would cost an additional $15. With this assumption, Old plan: $140; New plan: $200 = 42% more (but I get to use 4G rather than tether to 3G) Old plans still much more cost-effective.

Maybe I tell dad to get off my plan and switch to prepaid plan (Tracfone). Old plan: same $125 (only $115 to AT&T); New plan: $170. Closer but new shared data plan is still 36% more $$$

I'm on an employee plan and I guess they are letting us keep unlimited data even if we upgrade? So I'm sticking with that for now!

I did the math and I am going to save a whopping $10 a month over my current bill which for the most part is unlimited voice and messaging. Two of my current iPhones have unlimited data and and one is on the $25 plan.

So I would get unlimited talk and text and a 10 GB data plan to share on 4 phones and the fist time my son decides to stream YouTube 24/7 I'm behind the cost curve.

Come AT&T give me a real reason to switch. $10 a month is not good enough. Maybe $50 a month.

Both my wife and I are moving to Verizon's shared data plan when the iPhone 5 comes out. We'll be moving onto my mothers shared plan that has unlimited talk, unlimited text, 10 GB shared data and personal hotspot. Everyone who is on her plan pays their own phone bill which most people would do. We'll only end up paying $40 per phone to be on this plan compared with the $80 per phone on a family plan. Add this with the fact that Wifi is becoming ubiquitous (I'm on it 75% of the time I'm using data) and it starts to sound like a winner to me.

Think about it, these plans are great for groups of 3 or more people. The average that each person pays ends up being way less than if you to get a family or personal non-shared plan.

You got it good if she's only asking you to pay for the cost of each phone added to the plan instead of the chunk of data that everyone is leeching off of.

Whatever kind of "magic" Verizon has that makes people pay $80 more a month for it is beyond me. People kept telling me "but the service is awesome". Whaaaaa? I am keeping my Sprint. 5 iPhones, $215 a month with unlimited data. My husband gets a discount through his work but I have found that Sprint has 15%+ everywhere even at local banks and credit unions. Easy to find ways to get Sprint discounts of your employer does not participate.

Similar set up at Verizon would cost me $200 just for the devices alone! Not to mention the data package. No thanks even for "super amazing service"! I'm good.

"No. Bad plan!"

...? I don't think it's bad, but I'm sticking with my own plan. The real question will be if I switch to another carrier when the iPhone 5 is released. I have no issues with AT&T. My service has been fine. But if I can get more for my dollars this fall, I will.

We switched. We have 3 smartphones, all with unlimited data. Collectively, we use less than 2gb. So I switched to the share plan. 4gb for starters. If I need to go up to 6gb, its $10 more a month. Plus now, we can tether our iPads, or laptops if needed without paying an extra $20 each. Also we now have unlimited voice and texts. Saves me $40 a month.

I made some changes earlier in the year that saved me $40/mo then. So now, I'm saving $80/mo total than I was this time last year. Now we can tether at no additional charge. Voice and texts, now unlimited. It is a win for my household.