Poll: Would you want the 7-inch iPad in multiple mini-chromatic colors?

We recently asked you if it was time for Apple to start releasing multiple color options with the iPhone 5, and 65% of you so far have voted "yes" so far. That got us to thinking -- what about the rumored iPad mini? While Apple has been content to keep their flagship products on a very strict color palette over the years -- metal, black, and maybe white -- the lower ends have historically been much more colorful.

The smaller, lower-end iPods have been nano-chromatic and shuffle-sensational for years, and Apple has mixed the exact shades up a few times to keep them fresh and fashionable. Would the same approach work for a lower-end iPad mini? Is that where Apple is most likely to make concessions towards the colorful? Would you even want them to?

As always, vote up top and give me your reasons -- and your favorite colors! -- in the comments below!

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Poll: Would you want the 7-inch iPad in multiple mini-chromatic colors?


I'd actually prefer some classy color options for the new iPhone; especially if the rumored design leaks are anything to go by. Maybe the red one that's been bandied about here, as well as a nice deep blue. Even a classy purple would look nice.

I think with the iPad, there's too much surface real estate for colors - it'd be distracting. More than that, the iPad is primarily a content device, and when you're watching things, or reading things, you want the device itself to simply fade away in the background. Make the new iPad Mini a nanochromatic mess, and it does exactly the opposite of that.

I actually don't care about color options because I AM going to have a case on it. As long as it fits in a coat pocket (like most other 7 - 8" tablets), then I am good!

Yes! I didn't even think of this. I picture it being like the iPod nanos and it being sold pretty much to that same market. With apple pushin to get textbooks on the iPad it's only a matter of time all the teens are carrying a iPad mini around school instead of backpacks and the teens love colors.

Can we have a poll where our choices are simply YES, NO & UNDECIDED? It would make answering the questions a lot easier and more honest. Your poll - Would you want a 7-inch iPad in multiple chromatic colors? - is a prime example. My answer is no, but not because it would ruin everything.

I don't think it would really sway me either way, I want one regardless of the colour because the size is perfect for me. Also i usually put cases on all my devices so I would probably take whichever they had in stock.

Instead of wasting energy focusing on various colors, Apple iOS designers should be directing all of their attention into adding real USB and/or ThunderBolt connectivity, adding the much more needed faster processing power/ more RAM and surpass the 64GB storage plateau. The iPhone 4S display needs to be larger to compete with other brands of mobile devices. Most importantly, Apple needs to build a healthy relationship with the community of iOS end users, including the App Developers, Creatives, Educators, Artists, Business People and IT Professionals. It's time for iOS devices to transcend desktops and laptops. Color choices? Come on... The iPhone and iPad are such delicate pieces of technology, most everyone buys a case from day one of ownership.

If Apple is looking for a way to SELL more of their new, forthcoming iOS devices, they shouldn't be wasting time thinking about offering multiple colors. Again, most everyone buys a case immediately to protect their iOS device. At that point, multiple color options are moot point.

Apple should at the very least implement a higher resolution camera sensor for both front & back -AND- Apple should design their iOS devices to be WATERPROOF to at least 15 feet.

That alone will produce new markets and more sales.