Create unique photo collages with PolyMagic for iPhone and iPad

PolyMagic is a fantastic little iPhone and iPad app that lets you create interesting collages of photos. Most other similar apps only allow rectangular frames around each photo, but PolyMagic is filled with frames that are shaped like polygons, making your collages truly unique.

Creating a collage is very a simple and intuitive task. After choosing your photos, just grab a vertex and slide it around to the location you think looks best. PolyMagic has 66 layouts that the creators believe to be aesthetically pleasing, but they also allow you to adjust them how you want.

With apps like Instagram, square cropping has become very popular and many collage apps only offer squared. PolyMagic, however, offers 6 different ratios and will let you drag the boarders into any dimensions you wish. The most recent update of PolyMagic also introduced some basic photo editing features into the app. Now you can make edits such as enhance, effects, saturation, brightness, contrast, text, and drawing.

Once your done with your collage, you can easily and quickly export directly into Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Tumbler.

Selecting good photos that compliment each other for collages is already a challenge, and PolyMagic has made this creative element even more challenging -- but if you do it right, you can obtain some wonderfully artistic results.

PolyMagic is free for a very limited time, so make sure you grab it before the sale ends! After you do, head on over to our Photography forum and show off your great collages!

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Create unique photo collages with PolyMagic for iPhone and iPad


How did you get it to download? Everytime I try, I keep getting "Item is being modified. Please try again later."

Well, what I did was opened the app store icon, did a search "polymagic", opened the full version info and hit the install icon. I put my password in and it then downloaded and installed.

Rene or anybody over iMore please make PSA to tell iPhone owners to please stop shooting videos while holding the phone in portrait mode....the videos look horrible n it takes away from it's true HD has never educated there users with this but please take some time to address this issue I'm tired of watching great armature footage shot the wrong way

I have been trying to download this since yesterday, on my PC via iTunes, my iPhone and my iPad, all with the same error about it being updated.

I wish I could be more supportive but those collages look dreadful. What's next, velvet Elvis painting apps?

Fortunately OSnap! Ultimate Time Lapse downloaded fine (it's free right now too, though I know it's purpose is different). Polymagic is still erroring.

This guy also makes an App called ArcFrame that is 99 cents. I can't tell the difference for the life of me, as both PM and AF have free and paid versions (tho the PM paid version is temp free)

I still can't download from USA app store. But friends in Singapore can. Any using the USA store have been successful?

hi, aim raj i want to know about how create unique family picture how? never seen before again ? for generation come ? "one name one picture"