Porting Siri to other iOS devices requires piracy, likely won't be a reality

iPhone Dev-Team member MuscleNerd has gone on the record stating a port of Siri to other iOS devices outside of the new iPhone 4S will require piracy, and likely won't ever see the light of day as a consequence.

Anyone hoping for a "port" of Siri from iPhone4S: pending a very low-level A5 exploit, it likely can't be done without piracy

(only way to extract Siri files from iPhone4S filesystem without pirating is to have the main FS keys, requiring low-level exploit)

Essentially, the only way to get Siri working on other iOS devices would be to take the required files from an iPhone 4S and transfer them onto the other device manually. It's also possible that Apple may flag such devices since Siri talks to Apple's servers to complete certain tasks.

On the other hand, piracy in the jailbreak community has been running rampant lately, so it's also possible we could see this come from other, less ethical jailbreak developers.

Source: MuscleNerd

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Reader comments

Porting Siri to other iOS devices requires piracy, likely won't be a reality


It makes no sense for Siri to be included on the iPhone 4s and not the iPad 2. There is NOTHING that would prohibit Apple from doing so (except the obvious money grab).
Isn't the iPad 2 more powerful than the iPhone 4s???

I have no doubt that it will become available on the iPad 2. My best guess is that they want you to experience this new service for the first time on your brand new device. The iPad version won't have any of the calling capability, and the messaging will be limited to iMessage. Dont you think they want you to experience all of what Siri can do the first time you activate it? Otherwise, your much more likely to be underwhelmed by the lack of features that only a smartphone can have.

iPad is tablet to be held at arm's length, who wants to hold aiPad up to their face to talk to Siri?
Maybe thats the common sense reason its not on iPad.

All the demos of people using Siri involve people with the phone held away from the face so they can show you the screen. And Siri works nonetheless. So that's not the common sense reason it's not on the iPad 2.

The reason is in the usual Apple "Usage Designs." The iPad is to be hands on. look at the commercials. All about touching the screen. Siri is designed to be hands off. The use of your voice.
Siri conflicts with the intended purpose of the iPad, which is why you won't see it on there anytime soon.

At the keynote, the context of beta was that there are other languages that are in development, not that the english version is buggy or unfinished.

First of all, it ain't piracy:
It's not piracy to take files that I purchased on one device and place them on another device that I purchased. If I bought both devices, they are mine to do with as I please. Apple has every right to refuse to support me, but they can't tell me what to do with my own legally purchased property. Period.
Second, on piracy "running rampant:"
That tipb-linked study about piracy "running rampant" includes no more details about how they came to that conclusion other than "based on our review of current information." Given that, and that interested parties have traditionally overestimated their case so much that the US Government Accountability Office finally called shenanigans on them last year, I am going to take that "running rampant" claim with a planet-sized grain of salt, and, frankly, so should tipb.

It is piracy if you don't own a 4s. But let's be honest, those that want the port likely don't have a 4s.

If we are being honest, I do not fit your statement. I would like to get Siri working on the iPhone 4 I will hand down within the family once I get my hands on a 4S. I bought both devices, and still pay both bills, and it is not piracy to tweak my property how I want.
But agreed on your first sentence -- if you did not purchase it, then you are not free to take it.

Dev, you did not buy the software that comes with your phone. It is licenced to you. iOS and it's compenents are propietary and property of Apple. To take the 'files' and put them where you want is illegal and is considered piracy.

That's such bull. I know it's the official line they uses but that's like saying when you buy a magazine, it's not yours to lend to someone. When you buy a movie, it's not yours to give to someone else.
I'm not renting, I'm PURCHASING. Ergo half of these rules they come up with are totally ridiculous and only in software, something intangible, is it enforced. This isn't about not paying for software, it's about being told what you can and can't do with it once you buy it.

Replying to Guest, but disqus doesn't allow it. Magazines are purchased, software never is. Every piece of software comes with a license agreement, which means you can use the software according to the license terms. Just like when you park a car, the ticket tells you it's a license to park there, and when you get sporting event tickets you're getting a license to come, that's what lets them throw you out when you're drunk and disorderly. A license isn't a rental either, though it's akin to it. Lots of us don't like it, but it's legal.

but his point still remains
If its working on iPhone 4S , it should work on iPad 2, so Apple should just release it for ipad 2. Simple.
Releaseing it on iPad wont add or take away from their development and testing. Its just expanding their hard work to more users to benefit from ;)

iPhone & iPad use the same iOS so it is VERY SIMPLE for them to have an iPad version . Just like ANY apps that they release for iPhone , they make for iPad as well.
Since you didnt understand me clearly : It is VERY SIMPLE for APPLE nor me , to port this over to iPad 2.

No because it used a cloud based service to interpret your commands/inquiries, and that service has been discontinued.

Does anyone else not see the big deal about Siri? I'm fine with not having it. Although, I'd love to ask it stupid questions like on the shitsirisays.tumblr.com site... :)

I don't see any ethical problems in taking files from 1 device and putting them on another ...
It's not like I'm downloading a paid app for free or anything.

i gaurantee it will still come...if apps like installous and apps to allow you to tether illegally are on jailbreak then this is no different...jailbreak team wont do it officially but someone will as always

Tethering isn't illegal, it's just against the terms of use, allowing the carrier to either automatically upgrade your account or cancel it.

I don't remember exactly what it was that between 3GS and 4 that was ported over to 3GS from the 4 but i know it happened... was it the HDR camera?

That was probably just a pref file that was edited to enable it. I'm assuming the same was done with video recording from the 3G to 3GS. This is low level files that they can't port over cuz they don't have access.

Theming, SMS quick reply, unlocking, various small functionality tweaks like closing the phone app automatically after an outgoing call, folders in folders, unlimited apps in folders, scrolling dock with unlimited apps, unlock the springboard, downloading multiple apps from iTMS without going back to the springboard between each one, etc, etc, etc.

I wouldn't if jailbreaking was the pain in the ass it used to be. But it's so fast, easy, and safe now, it's no more to contemplate than it is to add a case.

Oh no! It would be soooo immoral to copy a few files from one device to another! If that's immoral, why isn't it immoral to unlock your phone since it makes your carrier lose money?! Sometimes, moral is one of the stupidest things ever invented.

Honestly I could careless about Siri since I have an iP4. But! That speech to text dictation, now that was a low blow. C'mon, Apple! I would at least love the ability to just speak what I want to search or type in different apps. Oh well, iP5 next year though. So until then, we major.