Pre-release version of Mavericks 10.9.1 seeded to developers

Pre-release version of Mavericks 10.9.1 seeded to developers

Apple on Friday posted a pre-release version of OS X Mavericks 10.9.1. The new release is available for download only if you're a registered Mac developer; it's available through Apple's developer web site.

Information about what's changed is included in a seed note that's available to developers, but that information remains under Apple's non-disclosure agreement, so we'll refrain from posting details at this time.

Bottom line: if you're a registered developer, go check it out and read the seed note and see if it's worth your while to test. Everyone else, be ready for a point update to Mavericks in the coming days, unless Apple or developers find any showstoppers.

Have you found any showstoppers in the release version of Mavericks? What do you dislike, or what's bothering you? Sound off in the comments. And for more on Mavericks, read our review.

Peter Cohen

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Volcom45 says:

Yes, since updating to Mavericks, I have issues streaming many 1080p videos in XBMC. They have weird glitches/tearing/red lines, etc. and look awful. It has been driving me nuts. Heard there was some OpenGL issues in Mavericks that may be the culprit? Sure hope this new version fixes it. If anyone has a workaround for me, please share! Thanks.

linsiris says:

Can't wait to hear what is coming next in Mavericks or what is getting fixed. Initially I updated from ML and a thing or two were bothersome included battery life and the emojis keyboard not working so I decided to make a clean install and haven't had problems since and battery life improved, so no complaints for now.

BeyondtheTech says:

I just hope they found a way for AirDrop to be cross-compatible.

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Sammy Banda says:

Yes please! I absolutely would live by that feature. I am constantly having to email files to my iPad or phone just so I can text them to people. I'm surprised air drop doesnt work across all platforms yet.

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Richard Devine says:

Try an app called Instashare for Mac and iPhone/iPad. It's what I use. Granted Apple should probably do it, but in the meantime there is a way that works quite well

Bernard McMahon says:

Seconded. This is much needed.

counterculture says:

Agreed! I thought I was just doing something wrong.

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allanes5 says:

Yes, my 2013 Macbook Air is going through the battery very quicky since I installed Mavericks.
Battery life was much better with Mountain Lion.

It's going through 5% of battery overnight while sleeping with the lid closed.

Sammy Banda says:

I have also been having a few glitches with the full screen apps moving from one to the other randomly.

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sir17reeder says:

I don't have a Mac yet. Saving to get one now keeping a look out for revolutionary 12" MacBook? Or retina mba?

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soritong says:

No issues on my end other than my external monitor occasionally freaking out but I think it's the hdmi to dvi adapter I'm using.

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iLuis23 says:

I haven't had any issues either since updating to Mavericks on my Early 2011 MBP. Everything seems to be working just fine. Hopefully this update addresses whatever issues most of you guys are having.

davjaxn says:

I have had only one noticeable issue since upgrading to Mavericks and that is smart groups in After creating the smart group it does not auto fill all the contacts when typing in the name of the group in the "to" field in mail. Although, since contact groups work perfectly I have used that as a work around for now. Otherwise it has been a pretty painless upgrade. I look forward to seeing why this update includes.

vianar says:

I look forward to an update. I am using an older system (MBP 13-2010) and I have noticed that the battery actually has not improved and performance has decreased a touch with it hanging. I assume this is do to its CPU/battery saving second by second adjustments and that maybe it will learn how I work and not pull CPU from a background app that I reference while working but it has been noticeably slower. Maybe this is just a sign that I should upgrade but it is hard to convince myself to to since the system still meets my needs.

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terryzx says:

In System Preferences in my 2012 MBP home main user NONE of the Advanced buttons work. I have to go to another user to adjust anything. Also in that same Users & Groups it's impossible to make a new user or to delete an old one.

Also in my main home folder I am unable to change settings to allow software from anyone. It just keeps kicking back to Apple Only.

BTW….why to we have enter the App Store password for [U]NUMEROUS[/U] apps that were bought on an earlier computer???

Why does iMovie have an update that says my older iMac video card won't work, and keeps on asking me to install it and won't dim out that it is not available? There needs to be an update that works for those Macs also.

Becjr says:

I haven't been experiencing any major issues so far but I have noticed that with a few apps I use regularly there are glitchy onscreen lines that are interrupting the apps' GUI. ...As far as I know, it's probably just my old iMac and possibly in related to Mavericks.

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weberm13 says:

I have had so many Finder crashes since upgrading, it's crazy. My computer is just too old to run it I guess.

gmontielh says:

How old is your computer? I have a MBP mid-2010 and since Mavericks I have been experiencing crashes (reported to Apple) which I never had... Too many for my taste particularly with iPhoto and Safari. I look forward to this update.

weberm13 says:

2008 iMac. It's on the list, but it runs like it was from 2001.

Truelove0611 says:

Ever since I upgraded to mavericks. Some application icons disappears and slow respond to finder. There's times my Mac mini lags and memory gets slow. Another thing I've notice when I use safari is there's times is unresponsive and slow. Chrome seems more faster but I want to depend more on safari since it has cool features and useful.

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Charles McCoy says:

Have anyone downloaded it to there MacProBook? I have been working on this for awhile now.

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rclark07m says:

Not sure what computer you're referring to.

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mashono says:

Mid 2012 MacBook Pro, while runs much smoother, I have noticed a slightly worse drain on my battery, hopefully this update fixes that.

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marchie_78 says:

I'm holding out a bit. Seems like there some issues to fix in mavericks.

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go3fan says:

I haven't had any problems whatsoever on my MBP. I love Mavericks

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