So did you pre-order or reserve an iPhone 4 today? Are you going to?

iphone-4-pre-order-20100611So did you pre-order or reserve an iPhone 4 today? Are you going to? Sure, it looks like AT&T can't handle the onslaught of would-be iPhone 4 pre-order and reservations that came crashing down on them, and their servers, this morning. And the Apple Online Store has gone up and down so much it may need a gyro soon. But we have to hope at least some of you have gotten your order confirmations and are the proud soon-to-be owners of a new iPhone 4? (Black, of course, since White ain't coming until later this summer).

Let us know how you're doing in the poll after the break, and feel free to expand (and vent!) in the comments below!

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So did you pre-order or reserve an iPhone 4 today? Are you going to?



I'm not eligible for an upgrade until 02/11 but would like to do so, now, anyway. The AT&T site doesn't seem to offer the new iPhone 4 to me at any price. I don't think they have established any pricing for people like me yet. Last year it was $299 for 8G and $399 for 16G.

Where is the option for: Angry that a white ip4 wasn't an option.. but yet, still very thankful that my preorder is in.

i wunder where ideal for poll came from. there is one in forum. i get phone today. i tell man to hand it over. he say no and i say yes. i think he gave me old box and old phone. it is blue. is iphone blue? should i call att and tell them i have blue phone? i heard of blue tooth but no blue phone. i sad.

Ha! Think about ordering a pizza for Super Bowl halftime. Your local Domino's can handle the volume, but ATT and Apple fail. Really leaves a bad impression. The hype machine quickly turns into a manure spreader.

Got my two pre ordered on AT&T (Yay!). Lets see when they will ship it though? Not guaranteed for 6/24. It's first come first serve.

Who has confirmed that White will be late Summer???
I have talked to 6 Apple people today and none have mentioned late summer!

Where is the option for I want a white one. No biggie though, I'll just go stand in line on launch day. It's the most exciting part anyway!

I was going to, but I want the white. I'm really dissapointed, was looking forward to replacing my 3G in 9 days. Really wish Apple would have said this earlier and set the proper expectations. I considered getting the black this morning, but if I'm going to pay $300 and use it everyday for 2 years, I'm going to wait for the color I want.

While I expected some problems, I did not expect it to be like this. I figured my browser would time out a few times, but that I would eventually get through and order. I mean, Apple can figure out how to make this AWESOME device, yet they cannot figure out a way ahead of time to handle web traffic? For real???


i tried 50 times with and gave up...i ordered with at-t and it went thru first time but gave a disclaimer on shipping basically saying it ships whenever its in probly wont get it on june 24th, that sux

@UntidyGuy: My husband is not due for a upgrade until March 2011, but I was able to preorder him the new Iphone 4 for $199 plus $200. I wanted to give it to him for Father's Day, I didn't want to pay the price, but decided he was worth the money.

The new white phone looks even worse then the old white ones. I am sure many get the white as a status statement that they got the larger phone. Well the small one comes in white now so there isn't a status statement to be made now yet some still want the ugly ass white phone. I just don't get it. The scratches on the old plastic back cover looked great on the white phones. Hahaha.

I pre-ordered at 5am Central. After a few tries, I finally had success. Shortly after, the Apple online store went down. I had a confirmation emailed to me shortly after. I pre-ordered black, the only option available. White option is coming later in the summer, whatever that means.

Silly people. When will you learn? Resistance is futile. The Andriod will assimilate you all.

Ok, I managed to get pass the "processing" part where it checks upgrade eligibility, but it said it couldn't complete my request. However, it gave me the option to continue to reserve it at full price. I went ahead and did that.
When I got pick it up on the 24th, would the Apple genius be able to apply my ATT discount then?

AT&T website works better....pre-order mine at 6 first i couldnt see the new iphone but then i tried a different browser and it appeared....

I spent an hour and a half trying to pre-order one and I got to the screen that said I was eligible for the 16GB at $199 twice and couldn't ever get past that point. I tried checking my cart a few times but nothing was ever in there. I almost destroyed my laptop because of the frustration. I finally went up to my Best Buy store and pre-ordered one through them. It's basically a 1st come 1st serve thing there too. But since I was the 4th or 5th overall and 1st to order the 32GB I think I'm safe in assuming that I'll get one on the 24th. Atleast I hope so anyways.

Woke up randomly at 550 am est after waiting all night for the apple store to come back online, after 4 failures I was able to pre order the 32 gb black iPhone 4 for in store pickup in northern jersey

I'm going to an AT&T store later today to pre-order. I'm a little angry about the lack of white iPhone 4s but I can make do with a black. It won't bother me that bad. But I had a black 3G for 2 years and had gotten a little tired of it that's all.

Can't get past the eligibility check (AT&T failure), and some times I can't even get that far (Apple failure). Double epic fail.

I'm going on 6 straight hours of attempts... no luck on either website with 4 different browsers... starting to get annoyed.

AT&T Store preorders you have to pay now, Apple Store you pay on the 24th.
How can you have it sent to your house if you have not paid for it yet?
I guess if you ordered from Apples Website you would have to pay now.

Glad to see I'm not the only one who has been trying since early this morning, I was starting to get extremely irritated and the lucky people who only tried a handful of times and were able to pre-order.

How are people able to pre-order on the AT&T website? When I click on pre-order it brings up a page listing every iphone except the iPhone4

I got 2 16gb iPhone 4 in white reserved at Best Buy! They said they know about Apple and AT&T but they assured me that I will have it next thursday!

I'll try in a few days when everyone has regained their head. Everyone and their mother must be trying right now and both ATT and the Apple sites are hosed.

Apple NEED to let us know why no white are available when only a week ago in the Key Note we were told that we can pre-oreder our iPhone 4 today. WELL I WE CANT!!

I called Apple this morning at is now almost noon and im still on hold trying to pre-order this phone...can someone please tell Steve Jobs to change this terrible hold music if hes going to have people hold for hours at a time.

I HATE AT&T!!!!!! Now, online access to wireless accounts is unavailable. I guess I am not pre-ordering today. Why am I never one of the lucky ones where stuff just works out for them?

Just preordered my 32gb black at best buy. No line, took 5 mins. The girl said best buy is ONLY going to be selling to people who preordered on the 24th. They are not ordering any extras, apple has ensured them they will get all their preorders filled. Only black models. I was the 23rd person she said at my local best buy. STOKED!!!

I've tried a couple times even tho I'm not eligible for the 299 upgrade price, just to see, no luck on the website or apple store iphone app

Reserved a black 16gb in the new Apple store app for Charlotte. All stores I tried said the 32gb was unavailable. Also it only seems to only allow new customers and new lines. No upgrades. The confirmation e-mail listed it at full retail so hopefully I can change it to an upgrade at the store. Looks like there might be shortages. Everybody I know said they were getting one but this is ridiculous. Apple/AT&T should have been ready for this. This is the fourth launch after all and they knew demand would be high.

Shotty cellular network and now network infrastructure. Please break these 2 up. Apple please move on to another carrier

I'm not eligible until next Feb. also but was able to do an early upgrade for the $499 price. Didn't want to pay that much but maybe I can sell my 3GS to pay for most of it.

I am waiting for a white one; don't understand why you can't pre-order white 32G. supply issues??? didn't have this issue last year!

Hold it together people. Andriod will soon be providing you all with a better drug. Don't go attacking your big daddy corporation in fiending jonesing rages. The market is coming to save you.

I agree with xosrow. I presume that Apple will address these issues in the near term. I'd like to understand when the white version will be available before I pre-order.

I reserved mine through Best Buy. I was first in line and am guaranteed for one on launch. w00t!

Just got confirmation that 2 black 16gb were reserved for me at the AT&T store in North Attleboro MA. I originally wanted white...but I'm cool with black too.

Got a preorder at Best Buy in Hialeah FL at 10 this morning. They offered white as an option. 15 people where already in line when the store opened. I got mine third. They make u buy a $50 gift card as a deposit which Canberra used when you buy the phone

I didn't really have much of a problem. It took a few retries, but once I got to the part where AT&T was verifying me (and once I fixed the fact that I hadn't changed my address with them even though I moved in October, oops) I was all set.
Question is, will I have to wait in a giant line to pick it up before work next Thursday.

People have said in the past that Apple used FedEx wherever possible. When I got to that point in the order though, it just said "Standard" shipping. So I guess it's whatever shipping Apple feels they need to use to get it to you on time.

@ Mac and @ Billy. Go back to where you came from TROLLS. Ive had AT&T my whole life and they are bar none the best cellular network. Im glad Apple is with AT&T, and I hope they stay with them so all the other loser carriers never get to see an iPhone. And right now android is junk. They have a long ways to go.
And I dont get all the white iPhone love, black is badass. Black is beauty and evil all rolled into one. If Darth Vader saw you with a white iPhone, he'd force choke you in the face.

Not happy- I wanted to reserve one but apple store is useless. In the end I ordered one mailed from at&t's website. Now I have to make sure someone's home all day, and it probably wont even come till friday. I wonder if I can still make a reservation at an apple store and cancel my att order.

By the way, took an hour to get my order in on the website. Like I said, I got as far as confirming the order for home delivery (they only ship to the billing address) and it choked and died. Ended up having to choose to pick it up at the local Apple store. Got the confirmation this morning for 7am...

Also, a buddy just got his order through using the iPhone app. So if the website's still choking, you might want to try that.

Last year, Apple sent mine (and I believe many others' phones) via UPS. They even called when I wasn't home to accept delivery so I would be sure to get it that day. Met the driver on the way home from work, first time UPS went out of their way for me. Certainly something in a deal with Apple to ensure delivery after it sat in holding until launch day.

I wouldn't recommend getting your phone from AT&T because if something happens and you have to go to apple to get it swapped out, you will get a refurbished phone. If you bought the phone from apple, you will always get a new phone if a swap is necessary. FYI

Just reordered mine at Best buy with $50 deposit. Also reserved one at the Shack, but nothing was entered into a system there so I made double sure at best buy. Even got rz points and used rz bucks, FTW!!

I went into Best Buy here in Cincinnati and pre-ordered mine. I was able to pre-order the white. They may or may not ship them on launch day, we wont find out until launch day. I just know I was able to pre-order the white one.

Preordered mine at Best Buy. Black 16 GB. I hope people who ordered the white one don't get shafted.

thanks to james' recommendation I downloaded the apple app from the app store. Reserved a 16gb iphone 4 in 3 minutes for pick up from the store on release day. couldn't find a place to order for shipping. thanks again james.

Just got a 32GB Black using the Apple Store app on my iPhone. Got a confirmation email from Apple but no order number. Has anyone gotten order #'s?

Thekevinmonster has a good point. How have the reservations worked in the past at the Apple store? Are we going to have a monster line waiting for us in the morning?
Also, odds on utter failure activating the phones in the morning of 6/24?

No order number here on mine. I'm assuming they have your name on the list. It says to bring your ID, SSN (I think that is tied to the AT&T account) and a debit/credit card.
By the way, looks like the app only reserves it at your local store (no shipping).

I got preorder done at 720 after starting the process at 2am. What a mess that was. I'm just glad its over. Thank god for TiPb forums letting me know this morning to check my shopping cart even though the site kept crashing!

I was able to order the 16gb black model from Apple's site but I still have yet to receive my confirmation email. I purchased as a "guest" because I wasn't logged in and didn't want to waste precious seconds just to wind up being timed out. No printer on my laptop lead to the order page being timed out so I'm also without any type of tracking number! My bank account does show the hold on my debit card but I'm kinda worried that my order is lost in limbo. Anyone have any encouraging words? Comments? Theories?

got up at 6am whent to bestbuy store in caguas puerto rico at 9am i go to the front entrance the doors where still closed the store hours said open 10am man was i on fire i was the firts in line i paid 50 for a gift card presale the ask in white or black 16gb or 32gb i said black and 16gb i really dont like the front of the white iphone the screen looks to small jus my opinion! regard they said they would call me for day that i have to come pick up the phone

I did at 4:45 eastern this morning. Took about 45 minutes to get the system to respond properly. Got my confirmation email. Early bird gets the worm.

@ Boddy D... im in the same boat as you but i wrote down my order number that was on the thank you page and if you just sigh to your account on the apple website or just use your email and order number you see that your order status so your good they just havent shipped yet

I reserved a black 16 GB iPhone 4 for pick up at the Apple Store and purchased a 16 GB black iPhone 4 for delivery from AT&T on June 24.

Cannot get the ATT website to respond. It took me through the process early this morning and crapped out at checkout. Now I can't get past the check for upgrade eligible. Msg says call if you are NOT trying to get an iPhone.

I'm confused. I went to Best Buy and pre-ordered a 32GB iPhone 4. I pre-ordered a WHITE one and I asked if they are to be released at launch and she said yes. You can't pre-order white at ATT's store or Apple's..... so what's the deal?

Use the new apple store app. I reserved mine with no issues at all. And within 5 minutes they email you a confirmation. And you can go back into the app and just the details of your reservation.

I have had no luck all today with either Apple's or AT&T's site, and I have been trying all morning/day. I just got off of the phone with AT&T and they said that their system has completely overloaded with the demand for the new iphone today. The guy said they are aiming to restore service to their online store by 3 pm. He also reminded me that you can make a reservation in any AT&T store as well if the glitch in their ordering system continues.

I was able to Pre order by just clicking on my shopping cart and there were 4 32GB IPhone's added in there. I guess everytime in the morning when i tried to pre-order and the website gave me some error, it actually saved it in m shopping cart. Thanks for pointing that out. Got the Order Number and it shows up in my Account. Haven't received an email yet.

I just pre-ordered through at&t's website - wouldn't go through for me on apple. I think that's your best bet if you want one.

It was a hot mess, but I did get to pre-order a 32GB at the AT&T store in person. I waited about an hour and they had to take a manual order, but they said that people who did it at the store today would get theirs 24th (maybe the 25th), so I should be good.

Ordered at AT&T's website after trying both sites for about an hour. Got an order confirmation # on the site itself (which I saved), but so far no order confirmation email and no credit card charge. Would have preferred to have gone through apple, they've never screwed up an order. I'll be really pissed if AT&T comes back with some system error excuse to me.

Damnitt I wish I'd had the foresight to write down the order number from Apple. I highly doubt that my bank account could have the money put on hold if my order hadn't gone through but some kind of confirmation on Apple's end would be a great relief.

@RickG - I got an order confirmation from(which I didn't save) and I see the charge went through, but no email. I'm also hoping AT&T doesn't screw me over with some bull.

I got up at 5:30am PST and tried both sites for hours with no luck. Same with trying to call Apple. Then I downloaded the new Apple store app on my 3G, and after a few clicks.....voilà! What a relief!

Won't order until the White 32GB is available. This is the most unorganized and poorly planned launch in Apple's iPhone history.

I ordered mine this morning from att website all went fine. They make you reconfirm your data plan so be careful if you want to stay unlimted.

@Sean - In apple's long history of iPhone launches?? This is a disaster indeed. I was successful only after marching to an ATT store and placing my pre-order there. Only thing is that, you pay upfront.

Just preordered mine at Best Buy. $50 down and the give you a $50 gift card to use on whatever you want. In and out in less than 5 minutes. They are gonna call and set up an appointment the 24th to pick it up. WOOHOO!

I made a preorder about three hours ago, but no confirmation email. (It does show up in my account section on Apple's site, however.)

After trying to pre-order since 12am EST via, Best, AT& and after calling Apple and AT&T-- Just came from AT&T and I felt like I was a John Wanamakers getting a raincheck in 1989! They took a carbon copy of my credit card and promised me that my order will a arrive in the next 10 days. The rep wouldnt promise me that I would have it on release day but did promise me that I wouldnt have to wait in line. I feel like I am in for a rude awakening on the 24th....Dont let me down AT&T/Apple

USE the app and not the website. been trying the website all morning and my friend called the apple store and apparently since the app is so new and unheard of, its servers are lightning fast. worked first try for me.

I work for the networks so luckily for me I don't have to preorder a thing. I'm just gonna walk into a vodafone store on the 24th, pick my 32gb iPhone 4 up along with my 30% staff discount. Nice! I'm getting one 100%.

@Charles - Well, this will be Apple's 4th phone launch. While it may not be an extensive history, I think they certainly underestimated the demand for this. Certainly a lot more offered here than the quiet 3GS launch.
I just find it funny that the majority of the demo phones they had at WWDC were white, and now they won't have any for launch? Rumors are later in the summer...pathetic. I want a white one, and if Apple doesn't have it at launch, I'm not going to stay on my slow ass iPhone 3G any longer - I'll go Android.

@telelax no sir. apple store isn't working. Problem connecting to the server when I try to preorder. looks like everybody is still screwed as long as apple stays paired with this horrible company called GAY T&T

Started trying to order at 4:30am Eastern. After getting through the process with Apple it stated I would have to go to an Apple store to complete my order, which isn't going to happen since the closest store is 140 miles away. Next, I finally got through the process on the AT&T website only to find out I couldn't finish because my AT&T account billing, Credit Card billing, and shipping addresses were not the same.
Made a trip to the AT&T store where I was number 3 in line when they opened at 9, and began working with the rep immediately. I finally got through with my pre-order at 10:05 (I was the first person done).
At 11:19 I received the e-mail confirmation of my order from AT&T, which states, "Thank you for your recent order. Your iPhone has been reserved and is expected to ship on or after June 24, 2010." Just what I wanted to hear! After all that hassle they are telling me I shouldn't even expect my phone on launch day. I probably should have just forgot about the pre-order and camped out all night for the 3G. Sigh.......

I walked into Best Buy and pre-ordered mine in 5 mins. Said they would call on the morning of the 24th and tell me what time to pick it up that day! No problems at all!

Question for those buying who are eligible for an upgrade. Is Apple or AT&T charging a ridiculous amount of tax like they did on the 3GS? I got my $199 3GS for $250 out the door at an AT&T on opening day. Was wondering if this is still the case. Tax should be a max of about $18 on a cost of $199 in Orange County, CA

So i was able to reserve with App.. but i still plan on pre-ordering.. so I will keep trying till I get it and once I do i'll cancel my reservation..

How much would I love to be a fly on the wall in Apple HQ today? makes the bar leak seem minor in comparison

Just got a confirmation email from Apple saying I can pickup my iPhone 32gb on the 24th. I used the App Store app to place the reservation. Only thing is, the process never completed. Every time I tried to place the order I got a message saying the site was busy and I should try again later. Boy, are they screwed up!

Well, I don't think that preorders not going through is really a fiasco. The orders will just get placed the next day. Or the next.

@English Mike - I emailed Steve Jobs this morning, but no answer. I'm sure he's gotten hundreds of emails regarding the same thing, and he's quite busy today :) But it's BS. No white iPhone at launch = no sale from me.

I'm going to roll the dice and go to a local AT&T store on launch day. There is one Apple store in Mississippi that I know of and its 2 1/2hrs away. I don't see there being a big problem with supply in Mississippi.

It's a fiasco for Apple after the Wi-fi incident at the keynote. Makes them look amateurish for a major product

I ordered (reserved at the Apple store) around 2am on the Apple website and got the e-mail at 2:16am. My buddy ordered it via the app (also reserved at his local store) and got the e-mail pretty quick. If it's 3 hours and you haven't gotten the e-mail, I dunno there (Copy of) Dev... :( Maybe if you ordered for delivery, it takes longer to get the confirmation.
Side note, a guy elsewhere was saying you can change the delivery address afterwards (so you fill it out for the billing address delivery. Then after confirmation, go back and edit to your work address (or whatever).

I pre ordered mine at 5am this morning on and was given a confirmation number that I did not write down (dumb on my part) because I figured I'd be getting an email. After not getting an email by Noon, I called into customer service and they told me that regardless of me getting a confirmation number, no order went through and I would need to reorder. I went onto my credit card website however, and they charged me the price of the phone. I called back into customer support and they told me "at this time we have no idea due to overwhelming response".
Does anyone have any idea what I should do?
I would hate to place (or try given that the site is down) another order and have two, then have to go through the hassle of having one refunded..
And I would hate to sit and wait, possibly postponing my delivery.
Thanks in advance.

Still haven't ordered. I've tried 3 different online methods (Apple, AT&T, and iPhone app). Only once have I made it past the mobile account verification screen before crashing. This is beyond frustrating.

@Harry, wherever you heard that, was said because they don't want to keep trying. It's only 11A.M. on the west coast, the day is still very young so just keep trying and it'll pay off

If you were charged, I'm pretty sure your order was accepted and can thus be tracked once this madness settles down. I got my email from AT&T pretty quickly. Check your junk/spam email folder just in case. But double ordering and having to cancel one could be worse than re-ordering. But I dont want to stop you if you have to have one asap.
I reserved one at my local apple store as a back up in case AT&T messes something up.

So anyone know the "out the door" price of the iPhone 4? I'm trying to determine if Apple is gorging customers again with triple the regular tax.

It's not a fiasco. If someone asks about it publicly then you just say "We have simply been overwhelmed with the unprecidented demand for this new phone. We've never seen anything like it. We want to assure everyone that we are doing everything we can to process all of the orders and get the new phones out as soon as we can."

Ouch Tristin. Well, I'd say it really depends on your credit card/how bad you want the phone on release. If it were me, I'd go through the order process again, and deal with the return. But then I've got the space on my credit card to cover it.

When I received my confermation email from Apple it says the iPhone 4g 32GB is $699.00 is this just a common thing because they can't access information from AT&T? AT&T website says I am eligible for a upgrade, but I did get the 3GS at launch day which only makes a year on my contract. It basically says I am eligible for a discount upgrade with a $18 fee.

Out of curiousity, those that have reservations at the Apple store. Does your e-mail say 7am? I reserved mine at 2am, it says 7am pickup on the e-mail. My bud reserved his around 10am, it says 7am pickup on the e-mail. I'm just wondering if everyone's got 7am on their e-mail, and there's going to be the line from hell in the morning...

AnotherBrian - That's my assumption (or it is something with the app process). I went to the website and my e-mail confirmation gives me the lower price. My bud went through the app and got the $699 price (even though he's eligible). The actual final debit is done at the store/activation though.
Did you put your credit card in? Unless you did, I wouldn't worry too much about it in terms of the preauth hitting your credit card.

I think i read somewhere on Tibp that someone who spoke to an ATT person said that they hope to have the server's up by 3pm. I don't think it's Apple's fault because it goes fine until checking ATT info then burns out

I managed to order my iPhone 4 through my iPhone 2G yes 2G on EDGE at around 8:20-8:30 this morning prior to this i had been trying from home since 5:30am but had to go to work so that I could pay off the phone:) I would get the "we'll be back soon" notification but noticed that if I refreshed the page it would load and was able to keep progressing, I tried this at first with my Mac and was unsuccessful but worked on the iPhone I have a confirmation number and order number but no confirmation email I have checked my account and checked my order status, I have confirmation of the order to arrive on the 24th. 2G I’m still smiling.
P.S. I do not think anyone who ordered during this period has recieved a email confirmation.

@Sean Nice to hear you emailed him, I bet everyone is going mad.
EVERY Apple person I spoke to today in the UK said that Apple have NEVER said that White will be available today for pre-order.
When you look at the Key Note he shows the White and Black but later when he says you can pre-order on the 15th only the Black phones are shown.
Has he done this on purpose to lead us to think White was coming on the same day?
All that I know is I'm not happy!

HOLY S%^@! FINALLY!!!! I have been trying to reserve this on Apple's website since 3am!! I downloaded the apple store app and within minutes it is reserved and have an email confirming!! USE THE APP!!!!

David, my understanding is charge on shipping/activation, although they may hit it with a pre-auth for the amount now.
Not really sure how the subsidy works out though. ie. charge for $699 then refund for the difference. Either way, I'd make sure I have $700+ available on the credit card, just in case.

i just checked AT&T again and you can add to cart easily. So try there. Dont bother with Apple site. They want you to go to their stores so you can buy more stuff hence the hard time online

@James That makes sense. Do all carriers do this with discounted phones? I saw it last year and thought it was a rip. The purchase is for $199 and not $699. Doesn't that violate laws or something?

I am so mad . I have called the apple store and att quite a few times and keep getting the run around( they dont have a clue about anything). They are saying you cant use a debit card to preorder ( they arent postive but they dont think so). they told me they really were not prepared for this preorder . I am trying to figure out if you can go into the apple store and pay cash ( or get gift cards ), and have the phone sent to your house .. but ATT or Apple cant answer anything .. I am a advid apple fan but after this awful ordeal i think i am going to go for Droid..

reservation is working quite well in the apple store app--but I'm having a hell of a time trying to pre-order with an upgrade to my existing line.

At 4AM EST I was refreshing the Apple Store like it was going out of business, haha, and as soon as it came up I ordered the 16GB with a black Bumper and was asleep no more than 15 minutes later.
I used my debit card and it went through no problem.

@James-like a above poster said you can pick up at 7AM they hold it for the entire day, but the next day it goes to anyone if you didn't pick it up.

Not first come/serve. If you reserve, you have 'til the end of the day on the 24th to pick it up. If lose, maybe.

so, after batteling all day with the and all day, I went on the iphone app and reserved one at my local apple store. It says I'll get one on the 24th, so I'm happy, i guess.

i'm sorry i know this sounds really basic but is there a line you get in if you've reserved? or do you just by pass the lines? if there's a thread that's addressed this in length that i've missed i'd really appreciate if someone could point me in the right direction

I reserved mine through the Apple Store App on my iPhone in about two seconds. It's listed right there under "reservations" at the Apple Store I selected. Does that mean I'm guaranteed to get one launch day? And do I have to stand in the regular line since it's not officially a pre-order, or do I get to go into the pre-order line? Or is there a line just for people who have reserved one but not paid for it yet?

At 11:15 AM PCT, I tried again, Apple, same old no luck, went to ATT where a message said that they are upgrading the system, so come back later! Man this is sweet irony. It will be interesting to see how many they sell today- knowing that many hits on the server constitute a legitimate denial of service attack will reveal the monumental lack of planning, preparation and perspicacity of ATT leadership.

I tried all day since 8AM to get online, finally downloaded the new Apple App and instant reservation!! Hopefully it works like the real thing but it says I have a reservation and I am going to get some work done now.

@untidyguy my upgrade is around 2011 too but they let me preorder the iPhone 4 for 417.00 It took me 7 hours in total to preorder this dam phone

Reserved a 32gb at an Apple store relatively close to my job using the Apple Store App! I hope the reservation line moves quickly as I can't afford to spend all day at the store. So the same questions as above, do reservation people need to stand on a separate line?

And if I've reserved it I obviously haven't paid for it yet. Does that mean I can pay with cash when I go pick it up on launch day, or will I still have to pay with a card?

Reserve = wait in a long ass line. I reserved an iPad and when I went to the store at open, found out that about 1000 other people did the same. By the time I got home, the iPad I ordered for my wife (to be shipped) was waiting at the door.
No more waiting in lines for me. Ship to my door FTW. Even if it means an extra day. My time is valuable.

After hours of trying to preorder online, I walked into the local AT&T corp. store, waited 30 minutes, ordered the phone to be shipped on launch day.
I'm happy now.

Just tried Apple again got the problem connecting to server screen, at least it didn't freeze on me=PROGRESS

I would have tried to Pre-Order. But I wanted a WHITE one. Very disappointed I couldn't order what I wanted today.

I wasted hours trying both apple and at&t's websites...finally I gave up and went to Best Buy....50 dollar deposit later and my phone will be waiting on me next Thursday....

I was ready to click order to have it delivered to my house... but having that option to pick it up at the store at 7 AM made me choose in store pick up... So im probably going to wake up and go over there before work... ill be sure to give myself 30 min haha

Patrick, the tax is always charged against the full price. Sucks doesn't it? That's just the govt. getting their pound of flesh.
Dood, dang. :( So much for skipping the lines then or getting in faster. They may have a phone waiting for me, but if everyone reserving a phone shows up at 7am (or more likely earlier), life's going to suck.

Patrick, I'm assuming that you'll need to get up early there from what Dood was saying. I bet there will be people lining up the night before.

it's strange, now it's become more of the principle of the thing. I've waited since at least the beginning of January for this. even when it wasn't yet announced so i frankly want to see this through to the end and get it on my terms. (odd i know but still)

So if people want the thrill and excitement of standing in line at the Apple store, what are the chances a third party store (i.e. Best Buy) will be relatively calm? And can Best Buy do everything with updating the plans, etc?

JRB, my prediction is that the only calm stores will be the ones without iPhone 4's in stock... :) I expect that all the stores will be able to tweak the plans, etc. However, I would not bet against activation problems the first day.

Got mine and my wifes. Wanted white, ordered black... will try do some kind of swap and trade if the white looks worth while, otherwise will trade up to white next year when the next model comes out.
Apple should have let people know Black would be the only choice right away. The secrets they keep boil down to poor customer service. Even fanboys will tire of that crap eventually.

It was a nightmare trying to get it ordered, but after a phone call to AT&T, I have been assured a black 32GB iPhone 4 is ready to go out for 6/24

Took 9 hours but finally reserved my i4. Used the Apple Store app in App Store. Receipt shows $699 but ATT confirmed $299 upgrade.

To be fair it seems most of the problems today were AT&T. Just another reason for Apple not to rely on one carrier. I'm seeing a lot of people POd at Apple for this pre-order issue when 90% or more seems to be AT&Ts fault. How much longer can Apple take hits for AT&T's incompetence.

I went to the Radioshack around the corner from my house and pre-ordered this morning at about 9:30AM. They offered white and black. I wasn't required to purchase a $50 gift card and didn't even get a receipt for anything. All I did was fill out a form, and they told me I'd receive a call with a PIN which I'd need to verify my pickup on launch day. Super easy 15 minutes. Hopefully they weren't "uninformed," and I'll get my white 32GB iPhone 4 next Thursday!

I woke up about 5 AM EST (or my baby woke me up at 5 AM). I went online while giving her a bottle. I tried both Apple and AT&T. Apple site was not working properly. AT&T order went very smoothly - although no e-mail confirmation, so I checked AT&A and AMEX and confirmed my order went through. Took about five minutes. Not sure when I will actually receive the phone.

Im upset that they arent releasing the white one tell later wtf is up with that bs. I did however get my hands on a black one which I thinking of returning. I dont care much for black. im just going to wait for a white one to come threw. @ JD i dont see how you can blame anyone other than apple. Att is not at fault.
I dont see how any one can believe they are going to be getting a white one on the 24. apple themselves dont even know when they are going to be getting them.
Apple shame on you for doing what you did. (shake fist)

Apparently stock is now short. I guess folks are being told their iPhone 4's will now be on backorder for 3-4 weeks.

Went ahead and called AT&T, and the rep I talked to basically said they have no indication of when, or if, the servers will be online today. Apparently they are scrambling around to try to make this thing work, but don't know if they're going to be able to or not (at least in a timely manner). Oh well...guess I'll keep checking on and off throughout the day/evening...

I'm not sure why some places people are having to pay tax on the full retail price of the iPhone. I have always paid the tax on the actual sale price. Just double checked my receipt and I paid the 7% sales tax $20.93 for the $299.00 i4 32Gb.
For those who pre-ordered through AT&T and have received a confirmation e-mail, does yours say that your iPhone will be SHIPPED on or after June 24? Just wondering if others have e-mail confirmations stating they will RECEIVE it on the 24th?

I gave up on the sites and ran over to an AT&T store. I was in and out in about 5 mins. Since their network is down they had to do it on paper and said they'd call when they were able to get in and place the order.

I just reserved one at the local Apple store with the iPhone Apple App. I'll stop in there around lunch time on Thursday and hope they have one for me.

"@telelax no sir. apple store isn’t working. Problem connecting to the server when I try to preorder. looks like everybody is still screwed as long as apple stays paired with this horrible company called *** T&T"

Was in Best Buy 5 minutes after the store opened, waited in line for about 10 minutes and got my pre-order in for the black 16gb. Nice.

Ironically since I could not get through online I had to download the new Apple Store app and ordered my new iPhone on my old iPhone - but it did work on the first try!

The sites have been a mess since they opened for pre-orders. Apple Store couldn't help as their computers were down also as was AT&Ts store BUT only AT&T could take a manual order and the lady told me I will have my phone by the 24th or 25th.
When you hear we could be under a cyber attack in the future and see first hand what ordering a cell phone can do to companies that's scary.

Can more people post please what they are getting their iPhones for out the door (tax included) so I can figure this out.

You might not be right on this one warlord, the guy a couple spots back said he had to do it by paper work at the AT&T store because their network is down. Apple's site works, it's when it tries to get the AT&T info when the problems occur. The Apple App works, I think it doesn't go through AT&T and that's why it shows full price on the confirmation email. People probable don't get off their lazy butts because they don't have the option to leave work like you.
I agree that millions are probable trying to get through, but they chose to do it this way. If they would have let you do it when WWDC announced it, I doubt as many people would have known about the iPhone release and it would have spread the traffic out.

i ordered mine and i am available for a upgrade but the price says 699 so i guess i will find out when i walk in and they tell me the price.

The experiance at AT&T store was real bad. Their system went down and they had to manually input orders. I'm not sure if I am going to even het a new iPhone. It was a mad house. I wrote a blog post about it. Link in name

Went in to Best Buy, filled out a pre-order form, was told they would call between monday and wednesday of next week to set up an appointment to pick my phone up. I specifically asked if they were guaranteeing the phone would be in store on June 24, and she said "yes". All in all a very easy process.

AT&T and Apple want the servers to crash for preorders. It makes for good publicity and drives people's desires to get an iPhone. I already saw a small story on tv about how "popularity for Apples new iPhone brought down the servers for preorders!" Watch, you'll see it on the news tonight. Free advertising never hurts.

Had to go to Best Buy because after talking to them on the phone and an hour drive to the AT&T store, the salesman tells me that you have to have a credit card. Can't be a debit or check card. I almost lost it in the store.
Remembered Best Buy was taking pre-orders so I went there. 5 min, $50 deposit, and I get the 2nd phone to get to the store.
Thank Best Buy, F#*k you AT&T...

Major security problems, as I just logged into for another shot at upgrading, and my account name was "ERIKA". Definitely not my name.

Never been more frustrated with a process in my life! I don't want to go into a madhouse on 6/24 at Best Buy or AT&T to pick up my phone, I want my flippin' phone delivered to my flippin' house! Ridiculous on AT&T's part.

I pre-ordered through BestBuy in Orlando. Line was 20-30 deep at opening (10am), but i was out by 10:30.

Successfully pre ordered on Apple website at 1:30AM this morning. Took so many tries and page refreshes, even at that hour, but eventually got through! In store pick up at Apple store in Santa Rosa. I love my Windows PCs and so the iPhone is the only Apple product I own / am completely die-hard about. Can't believe I'm going to be doing the whole fanboy wait in line at the crack of dawn thing. :P

OK, it is my fault. Please don't hate on ATT and Apple. I went to the Apple store at about 5:00 AM PDT, and have been trying over and over to complete the pre-order process. I did get all the way to selecting a plan once, but selected the wrong box, and went back to fix that error. So you can see, I have used all the server capacity today for both Apple and ATT. If I had just waited, it would be better for hundreds of millions of people all over the planet. I am sorry Steve.

Preordered a white 32gb model. I don't know how, but it was available and the sales rep guaranteed that it would be available on launch date.

Isn't it nice living in a place and time where you can get frustrated over not being able to get a phone shipped to you?

Correction on my previous post.
Radioshack is worthless! Called me and told me they couldn't get me a preorder or a white one at that. All they were doing was taking forms to enter into Apple or AT&T's system online, which was already backed up anyways! Grrr..
So I suppose anyone who was offered the white one at Best Buy or Radioshack was probably duped. Rep from Radioshack told me he'd try to get me a phone on the second preorder round. Boo!

You got it through Best Buy there Jake? I'm not sure I want to be their customer service if they can't deliver, since no one else has it for their pre-order...

TO ALL OF YOU WHO HAVE "GUARANTEES" FROM BEST BUY, RADIO SHACK, ETC.: What exactly did they tell you would happen if they don't get their shipment from Apple? Guarantee? Not really. If they get them (and sorry they won't be getting white ones), you might get one if they got enough.

There was a problem with your request.
P1015: We're sorry, but we are experiencing a system error that prevents us from completing your request. For non iPhone related upgrades, please call Customer Care at 1-888-867-4384 and provide the error number at the beginning of this message.

I spoke with someone in Advanced Order Support at AT&T and they told me that "no confirmation emails have been sent out" but my order is pending..
Can anyone confirm that they placed a pre order through AT&T online (not Apple) and have received a confirmation email?

@Tristin Did not order online, but at the AT&T retail store, and I did receive an e-mail from AT&T.

Myself and a co-worker were able to reserve an iPhone by using the apple store app on our iPhones. I highly recommend doing it this way. For those who like myself were unable earlier, try again it works fine now. Also note that by doing it through the app you can NOT order one for shipping. It is only for reserving for in store pick up.

I have a preorder from both att and best buy.. best buy has stated that if they don't get the white iphone, which they believe they will.. I can cancel my preorder, or have the choice of black.. I've covered all my bases I guess.. now I wait to find out more about the mysteriously missing white iphone.

I think the reason the Apple Store app is working so well is because it doesn't interface with the AT&T servers for upgrade confirmation. My reservation email from Apple stated $699 but I am eligible for the upgrade so I guess we'll fix that at pickup.

HungWell....what I was told at best buy was they are only letting those that are scheduled to get in on the 24th be presold. Of course that doesn't mean 100% that they'll be there but Lets be honest....with the way ordering online through apple or AT&T went today a lot could go wrong between now and next Thursday....

Reserved my iPhone 4 32GB at RadioShack, they had 9 other verified reservations before they ran out of expected inventory. They ended up with 6 people on a call list afterwards.

due to high volume of the iphone, the white will not be avaliable for pre-order. It will only be available at launch on a first come first serve.. they never make enough white phones, they couldnt handle the orders of it only the black model.

which haven't gone down. the only reason it fails is because a connection the apple site makes to the at&t site to verify account information fails, which is at&t's fault.
called local apple store. they said they were in the same situation as people at home and that it wasn't worth coming in since they use the same website.
how about you stop using allcaps to present inaccurate information.
anyway, i used the new apple store iphone app to reserve an iphone for pickup on the 24th. not as good as pre-order with shipping, but still okay i guess. i'll take what i can get at this point.
p.s. at&t sucks

FINALLY got my preorder through on Apple's website. Only took 8 hours of trying. I was reliably getting past the AT&T check so it is not all AT&T's fault only for it to error when adding the phone to the cart :-/
Thankfully as several others pointed out, the phone still makes it into your cart so I was able to check out from there.
I wanted to make sure it got delivered to my home on the 24th hence going through Apple. Only problem now is I just noticed the shipping address Apple picked up from AT&T is missing our apartment number! The USPS knows which number we are, but I'm not sure about Fedex... eeek.

I think it's important to remember that this will probably be cleaned up by tomorrow morning at the latest, with all the negative press their getting for this...

Resorted to Best Buy after no luck with Apple and AT&T websites...waited outside AT&T Store for an hour while they let no one in. I then called Best Buy, who said that they could order the models and had no line (just a $50 deposit).

Finally got a website pre-order completed at 430pm EST, elapsed time, 7 hours. Made it past the initial ATT check 5 times, then failed after that. Finally got through at the end though. Had no luck with the App store app. Must have tried 100 times with it, it was fast, but just quickly said 'server error blah blah'.


Finally gave up and went to an ATT store. The line was gone and I was out of there with 2 iphones pre ordered in 10 min. They did have to take it manually though. Said it would be at my door more than likely on the 25th but possibly the 24th.