Prime hopes to make a splash with iOS-based electronic health records

Prime is an ambitious iOS developer that wants to carve out a segment of the enormous Electronic Health Records (EHR) market for itself by catering to patients who carry iOS devices. To find out a bit more about their motivation and their plans for the future, we sat down with them at WWDC. They're three smart guys who have left full-time jobs with other employers to follow their dream of starting a business that could fundamentally change the way people manage their own health records.

Peter Cohen

Managing Editor of iMore, Mac and gaming specialist and all-around technologist. Follow him on Twitter @flargh

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owenfi says:

Thanks Peter! Great to meet you at WWDC. If anyone has questions we'd love to answer them here or directly.

Daniel Kivatinos says:

Great video, we believe the same thing at drchrono! Mobile healthcare is the future.

Check out when you have time as well.

Daniel, cofounder