Private Info HD for iPad now available [giveaway]

Private Info HD is now available and offers a safe way to keep important information on your iPad. This Digital Wallet will safely store Credit Card info, Bank accounts, Web Logins, Photos, Videos, files, and so much more locked behind a personalized password, protected by AES256 bit encryption.

  • Organized sections for "Wallet" items, Photos, Videos, Voice memo's, and various other files
  • Adding notes is painless and quick, set your own desired font & size, change text alignment, and even swap background/text color for easy viewing day or night.
  • Securely store important information such as web logins, credit cards, bank accounts, SSN with AES256bit encryption and available iOS Data Protection
  • Transfer files with ease via wifi, import email attachments, open files downloaded from safari and other supporting 3rd party apps.
  • Continue using the app while a wifi file transfer is in progress
  • View PDF's, Word, Pages, Numbers, and many other documents.
  • Send files to other 3rd party supporting apps
  • Email & Rename files
  • iOS Data protection available for all content managed in Private Info HD
  • Smooth, animated, easy to use custom interface.
  • Option to set a password hint to show on lock screen with the touch of a button
  • Multitasking support - transfer files in the background, quickly come back to where you left off.
  • Options to automatically lock app when it is interrupted/ multitasking.

Mr. Burns has given us a few promo codes to give out to you, our awesome readers! For a chance to win, just let us know what kind of information you will store in Private Info.

If you pick this one up, let us know what you think! Trailer and screenshots after the break.

[$8.99 - iTunes link]

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There are 40 comments. Add yours.

Dynalmadman says:

I too many different web logins to remember. This app would certainly save me time there. Not to mention, helping me quickly order omline with my card numbers. Gotta have it!

Ken says:

I would store my bank account info so my wife has no idea of my secret stash.

Kenneth says:

A few passwords and maybe card info.

Michael says:

I would store the photos I take of my naked body. Currently, I send them to teenagers via twitter, but I would stop if there was a secure place to keep them.

Rod Cambridge says:

I'd store all the things from years ago that that I would have forgotten, and which my wife has an uncanny ability to pull out of thin air when I'm least expecting it. Yes... Private Info HD should level the playing field, methinks! Oh - and those photos, too ;o)

cuilo says:

I would store pictures and work related documents!!

Coreykaster says:

I would store all my bank account numbers! With 7 accounts I can never keep track of them and this would be the perfect solution.

Jondel77 says:

I am always paranoid when my nephews play with my phone.
So I will store those not age appropriate files and secure my passwords in it.

orcojohn says:

i would store login info, and also use it for the same reason on the job. we have so many logins and it is bad security practices to write them down on paper but you have no choice. This would be perfect for that and then I HAVE an excuse tov use at work

chicagomatt says:

I would store financial passwords.

Michael Perlman says:

My co-workers are always borrowing my iPad, especially when we travel. Private Info HD looks like a great way to insure that my personal pictures and files would be protected...

fastlane says:

Not lending them your iPad is an even better way.

Chris says:

Bank account info to hide the secret stash from my wife

lee scott says:

Damn, what would she do with the extra $36 Mr. Weiner?

NickFL2011 says:

Bank info, private documents, credit cards

Some guy some where says:

Being a super top secret spy here in Canada I would use it to prevent espiange.

JGR627 says:

Bank info & adult content (don't have any at the moment but def would have some with this app)

robes1 says:

I'll store website logins, bank account numbers, credit card numbers and pins, bill payment information. People are always asking to use my iPad to try it out and my kids want it for games. It would be nice to hand it to then without worrying about what's gonna be copied down or accidentally erased. It's almost impossible to keep track of all that information in your head and iOS doesn't allow you to lock individual apps so I can't use my notes app to keep de Siri rive info. I really need this for my piece of mind. I'm in college studying information security so I already know how easy it is for people to steal your identity and all of your information! HELP!!!

DocMD says:

Nice slick interface. And far more responsible than how I store stuff now...

SteveW928 says:

If I told you... well you know (ie: secret spy stuff) ;)
Seriously, this looks like a nice way to keep the standard 'wallet' type of stuff, as well as any other docs that need to remain private. Having it all in one app would be really nice.

Деспот Дизајн says:

This is awesome!
I will store my bank and credit cards informations, my photos and videos.

Fewmany says:

I will store all sorts of naughty bits that will get me in trouble...

SteveC#IM says:

Credit card info, bank accounts, and pictures to name a few!

CMeyer2001 says:

I would store my web logins! I always get my passwords confused and this would be a handy, protected way to keep them organized!

logantx says:

I would store my bank accounts and web logins

DavidSights says:

I'd love to use this to store, not only the obvious things such as passwords, my SSN, credit card numbers, bank information and such, but as a writer, this would also be a great way save and store passages of stories that I'm writing to eventually compose into a book (which, with luck, I'll publish in the future (maybe to iBooks)).

Paul says:

whoa this is really cool, I would totally download it for free if I could... $8.99? I don't know about all that

Robert Dillon says:

I would use it to store Intimate videos of me and my wife.

krsgdlw says:

Web account information and some personal information.

Mazon says:

Photos of all my Alien Friends and their shiny new UFO's.
Also my extensive collection of Leprechauns and Unicorns Photos
And let's not forget Nessie and Bigfoot.
And Elvis last week at The Waffle House.

Zak Kauffman says:

Credit Card #s and photos of pie

lee scott says:

Nope. Been using 1Password for years. Won't trust anyone else.

Neicko says:

I would love to try this out on my iPad and see how well it works for keeping passwords to websites

Chris says:

Absolutely everything!! The possibilities look endless...

Chefcat says:

I carry around genealogical information for family tree research, and I worry that my data could be used for identity theft, especially in the case of living family members. It would be nice to have my data safely encrypted.

Bacatme says:

I currently use roboform, but this looks so much better. But I probably wouldn't pay for it 'cause roboform does what it's supposed to do and I've already purchased it. I would switch to this if you give me a promo though! I keep credit card info, important website login information and such in roboform.

Jessica Edholm says:

Roboform is way better than this.