Project Amy integrates messaging into Apple's Messages for Mac

Project Amy integrates messaging into Apple's Messages for Mac

Developer Steve Streza, best known as part of the Pocket team, has taken his Apparchy joint from last year -- the one that let you post to (ADN)'s micro-blogging service via the official Twitter client -- and upstaged it with Project Amy, a way to post to ADN's messaging platform with Apple's Messages app for Mac. Streza writes on Informal Protocol:

Project Amy tops what I did with Apparchy. It deeply integrates into a major app. It doesn’t rely on a proxy server (or in fact communicate with any API except for, so there’s no concerns about privacy and far less issues with stability. It uses 100% public, documented APIs that are exposed, so updates will not break the plugin (in theory). It’s super simple to set up; just run the installer and add your account information. And it is an integration in an app used by millions of people, with a wide intersection of the people who use It fixes all of the problems, makes Messages more useful, and makes more useful.

Streza is careful to warn that Project Amy should be considered a beta, but that it's already proven transformative for both his ADN and Messages use.

If you have an ADN account and use Messages for Mac, you can grab Project Amy via the link below.

Source: Informal Protocol

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Project Amy integrates messaging into Apple's Messages for Mac


Hoo boy...that's a complicated question. When you look at it very superficially...yes, that's exactly what it is.

But no, that's not what it is. What it is, is a completely unrestricted API for posts, messaging, files, and soon, financial transactions, meant to be a backbone to an unlimited number of clients (IE: anyone can make a client if they want).

Just google "What is" and look for the articles where they talk about how it's more than just a Twitter clone.