PSA: Sharing iPhone 4S contacts also shares Siri relationships

PSA: Sharing iPhone 4S contacts also shares Siri relationships

Just a heads up -- if you send a contact via your iPhone 4S' built in sharing feature, you also share everything in that contact, including relationships set up by [ For many this may not be a big deal, but if you value your privacy or you don't particularly want or need a business partner, for example, knowing who your mom is or that playful nickname you have for your girlfriend, you might want to think twice before sharing an entire contact card in the future.

Perhaps Apple could constrain card sharing to common fields in a future iOS update. The odds of me actually wanting to share every detail in a card with someone is virtually nil, especially compared to the odds of me just wanting to share the basic details like email, phone, and address.

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PSA: Sharing iPhone 4S contacts also shares Siri relationships


Yes, I'll comment on this because I encountered this exact same problem when someone requested a phone number of my brother. I shared the card but later realized that it'll send everything within that card. That's not smart. Chances are the person you are sending it to, to begin with if they don't have that basic contact information of the person they are requesting (like an email or cell), chances are that they aren't deserving of whatever other information is on that card.
Apple definitely needs to address this in the future, and have each field individually available to send or 'bundle' in order to send to someone.

"relationships" being the fact that you can add "husband" "wife" "mom" "dad" to different contacts, so when you prompt Siri, you can say "Siri tell my husband to pick up some milk on the way home"

or "Siri tell my husband to pick me up a 15 inch MacBook Pro with high res anti glare screen and 256 GB of solid state drive, on your way home"

but why would you be giving a business partner your mom's contact information anyway? and if you were, i'm guessing they already know it's your mom. I see how this is an issue, but not really much of a privacy concern.

That was an example.. MY GOD i can't believe i had to tell you that. And YES it is a HUGE privacy concern. If i sent a work associate another work associates info via the card. they will get ALL the parsons info i have.. NOT GOOD!