Is Verizon's $200 iPhone rebate for recent smartphone buyers worth it?

Verizon iPhone

We mentioned the Verizon iPhone FAQ but recently Verizon's $200 rebate offer for recent smartphone customers is getting some extra attention:

Current Verizon customers who purchased and activated new smartphones, feature phones or certified pre-owned phones between 11/26/2010, and 01/10/2011, are eligible to receive up to a $200 Visa debit card when they purchase an iPhone 4 at full retail price by 02/28/2011 and return their existing phone. Note: This offer is only available on consumer accounts with five lines or less, who are purchasing iPhone 4 through Verizon Wireless retail stores, telesales, or through

Before you get too excited, let's take a closer look at the math. The full retail price for the Verizon iPhone 4 is $649.99 for the 16GB version and $749.99 for the 32GB model. So this offer brings the totals to $449.99 for the 16GB and 549.99 for the 32GB - that's $250 more than the new contract prices. So before you jump-the-gun and take this deal because you must have the iPhone 4 on Verizon, consider selling your device on eBay if it is a new high-end smartphone - it may be better for your bottom line.

Anyone feeling buyer's remorse and planning to take advantage of Verizon's offer? Let us know in the comments or head on over to our Verizon iPhone Forum for extra advice!

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There are 44 comments. Add yours.

jason says:

why is the verizon iphone more expensive than the att iphone?

Leanna Lofte says:

It's not...
The full retail prices listed are the non-subsidized prices.

jason says:

i must be wrong then? i thought the off contract price for the att iphone was 599 for the 16gb and 699 for the 32gb...

Leanna Lofte says:

OH! Hmm... yeah, I think you might be right.

Sp1d3rz says:

599-699 on att. Thats 50 cheaper on att

ricb says:

antenna redesign maybe?

Sp1d3rz says:

Verizion being verizion. I had verizion till it got too expensive. I loves my att. Never had an issue.

jason says:

hard to tell i guess. verizon likes to rip their customers off sometimes, and i find you have to pay attention to your bill constantly. when i had verizon my bill would go up, every single month no matter what i did, for no reason, by 50 cents to a $1. i have a friend who just upgraded his phone to a droid x, his sister got the droid x, and his dad got the droid 2 (their on a family share plan) and they have tried to charge them 3 more times for the phones they have already bought. most my friends who have verizon complained about their phone bill going up like mine was as well. ill stick with att my phone bill has done nothing but go down and is the same price it has been. not to mention verizons customer service has to be the poorest next to hp that i have ever had to deal with

Gaius says:

People should be waiting for the iPhone 5.

Sp1d3rz says:

People who want an iphone 5 should wait. Thats assuming verizion gets the 5 this summer. What if they dont get the 5 till next feb? Should someone still wait?

Sp1d3rz says:

Agreed. I gave up on big red a while ago. Never goin back.

Garz says:

So you still pay $549 after rebate for a 32GB? Ouch

bigmacwrap says:

That's odd since CDMA is usually more expensive than gsm.

Sp1d3rz says:

How is it odd. Gsm is 50 cheaper.

S.meezy#CB says:

Apples site has it at 599/699 full retail when I checked 4 upgrade eligibility...

Ryan Rife says:

Yeah, Apple shows the same off contract pricing as AT&T.

Keith says:

Time to end carrier subsidies on hardware.
If this were such an awesome business model, DirecTV/DishNet or cable providers would give you an HDTV free or at a discount with a multi-year programming agreement.

Sp1d3rz says:

So u want to pay full price? Um. Right.

Aldiggi says:

People who switch over will be surprised at the difference their iPhones perform between the 2 networks. So if you have been an iPhone att user you have been spoiled with the fact that: you can talk and browse the web, you can talk and view your Facebook and twitter accounts, you can talk and AIM, you can talk and send and receive emails..... That's just a few things I can mention. I am not a VZW hater cause I have both att and Vzw. Vzw does give me better coverage for sure but att is not far behind people. If you live in the sticks then Vzw has the answer to your iPhone crave:-).

Waffles107 says:

Television providers are an ironic example to cite, since they use subsidies on hardware all the time. The high speed modem and Digital Tuner/DVR they give you didn't just fall of some truck, that equipment is expensive and you pay for it over time.

Keith says:

They should give you a TV too :)

jwriherd says:

I'll always take a 2 year contract over a full priced phone. I don't see why anyone would rather pay the full price and being "locked" to a carrier to me isn't a big deal, why would you be switching carriers enough for it to matter. With all the info and leaks out it's easy to see what carrier has the phone and network you want for at least a year. And AT&T and Verizon have the same prices, those are the only real choices for carriers in the U.S. anyways.

mojonation1487 says:

I couldn't make any sense of this gibberish. lol

kev says:

But remember people one can sell their current smartphone for $250+, so I definitely think it's worth it.

Erievon says: you spend 200 on your average droid. You give it back and they give you your 200 back. Now you've still got that two year contract, and you just paid full retail for an iPhone.
Ghee...what a deal (rolls eyes). I'm a loyal VZW customer, but this is just silly.

Erievon says:

...and, anyone notice the "Up To" ?

chris says:

I did im sure it depends which phone it is. People dont read the whole article idk why they say you get a $200 gift card when it clearly says up to $200

Dave says:

i just checked apples site also if i punch in upgrade info it says i can upgrade at the full price $599 for the 16 not $649 like they stated.

Julian says:

Hey guys if u head over to it explains why the prices of the unsubsidized iPhones r so much more. Since they haven't been able to make consumer demand the price of the iPhone production has gotten more expensive possibly cuz of the rush manufacturing. Here's the link.

John says:

Remember all those people who complained about ATT and how Verizon was far superior? Touché. I look forward to reading more Verizon complaints from the audience in the future.

MrAnthonyRaul says:

Verizon is a rip off company! They try and sneak your money away - freakin' thieves! Sorry but I had a REALLY bad experience with them and ever since I send them to hell every chance i get!
I've never been happier with ATT! wouldn't switch to Verizon even if they paid me to switch! ;D

sarah says:

no on cares if "you" like at&t, it doesnt work for everbody! They didnt get ranked last in customer satisfaction by doing a great job now did they?

mark says:

at&t does have spotty service, i dont understand why people defend at&t like it somehow validates them or something. its just a phone

anne says:

right, both companies are evil lol

Limegrntaln says:

Because Verizon is a ripoff!!

dave says:

cell phone carrier war!! AT&T sucks!

kells says:

haha yeah we all know at&t looks out for their customers increasing the etf! can you hear me now? no?

moody says:

I was told that since you have to return your phone you get what you paid for the phone plus the $200 rebate. Oh that's only if you bought a smart phone its only $75 if you purchased a feature phone.

SellYourCell Guy says:

The Verizon offer is helpful but there are better options. is currently offering $365 for the 16GB iPhone 4 and $445 for the 32GB iPhone 4. That's cash (well a check) and it sure beats a $200 Visa debit card. We actually bought our first iPhone 4 today and expect a steady stream as the new Verizon phone comes to market. A recent study said 16% of AT&T iPhone users will switch to Verizon. We can help ease the pain!

Jeff says:

16% of the size of the poll. That percentage could go up or DOWN the larger the pole. No one will know the real numbers for awhile. Especially if people are waiting till summer for iPhone 5.

Nicky Tonev says:

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