Purported iPad mini parts caught on camera

Purported iPad mini parts caught on camera

With the iPad mini still set for unveiling this month, part leaks are likely to happen. Apple seems better able to guard against new products slipping out than updates, but the supply chain is big and long and there's just too many companies and people involved to keep everything behind locked vaults anymore. All that to preamble these pictures, which UkrainianiPhone sent our way, along with these highlights:

  1. Mini Jack place
  2. Mount of plastic WiFi cover
  3. NanoSim tray sticked to back panel for transportation
  4. mount for Lightning connector

Now one of the shots does appear to be an original Kindle display rather than the display we expect to see on an iPad mini -- namely a scaled down iPad display -- but otherwise everything seems to be where you'd expect it to be. As UkrainiPhone also points out, if accurate, Apple's anodized aluminum process will also be brought over from the iPhone 5 to the iPad mini.

So yes, Darth Vader-black and Storm Trooper white might not only come in 4-inches, but 7.85-inches this holiday season.

Nothing is official until Apple shows it off on stage, but if you're aching for a potential peak behind the October event curtain, hit the link bellow for a couple more pics.

Source: UkrainianiPhone

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Purported iPad mini parts caught on camera


The supply chain for Apple products has always been massive -- nothing has changed today that was not existing during the Jobs-era. The leaks today are not due to purely to a large supply chain.

I feel the leaks are happening at least in part due to a lack of respect (or fear) of Tim Cook. Under Steve Jobs, they knew unholy-hell would be raised, backed with the full financial power of Apple, if they leaked parts in advance. They simply do not have that sort of fear of Tim Cook, who is by nature quite soft spoken.

It wasn't just a fear of loss of money or loss of business that kept the supply chain silenced, it was truly a fear of answering to a raging Jobs himself that kept suppliers in line. I think Tim Cook does not command that sort of respect or fear, yet.

Just a thought.