Push notifications, search come to Netbot for app.net

Push notifications, search come to Netbot for app.net

Both push notifications and search have come to Tapbots' popular app.net (ADN) client, Netbot, thanks to today's version 1.1. Update. While push notifications was likely the last big missing piece on many people's ADN puzzles -- our own Netbot review included -- both new features nicely round out what was already one of the best clients on any platform.

For any Tweetbot user, the push notification implementation will be immediately familiar. Simply tap the account button at the top left, tap Accounts & Settings, tap Settings at the bottom of the screen, tap your username under Account Settings, tap Notifications, and then you can toggle on or off Mentions, Reposts, Stars, and Follows, as well as test the system.

According to Netbot developer Paul Haddad, Tapbots didn't include the same Sleep Options found in Tweetbot because iOS 6's new Do Not Disturb mode handles that at the system level now. Also, there's no way to restrict Mentions to just those from people you follow, since ADN doesn't offer that option yet.

Search also functions exactly as any Tweetbot user would expect, with the ability to find posts with, users with, or go to a specific username.

Great additions to a great client. If you like Tweetbot, you'll like Netbot, so whether you're migrating to ADN or just doubling up on your micro-posts, there's no longer any reason not to check it out.

Netbot 1.1 is a free update for existing users.

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Push notifications, search come to Netbot for app.net

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So far rivr has been working good for me, it just lacks an iPad app. I'll probably buy netbot when it goes on sale.