pwSafe for iOS updated with Smart Pasteboard to make inputting passwords easier than ever

pwSafe for iOS updated with Smart Pasteboard to make inputting passwords easier than ever

pwSafe is a password management suite for iPhone, iPad, and Mac. The new update brings a feature called Smart Pasteboard which aims to simplify the process of entering passwords without having to use an in-app browser at all. Just copy the information once from pwSafe, enter your usename, and tilt your phone. Your password is copied instantly.

Smart Pasteboard functions by copying both your username and password in one go from pwSafe. Once you've done that, jump right back into Safari for iOS and copy your username. Tilt your phone upside down and pwSafe then toggles to your password so you don't have to jump back into pwSafe in order to copy the second part. This eliminates the amount of usernames you actually have to type and the amount of times you have to switch between apps for long logins.

For those not familiar with pwSafe already, it works much the same way that you'd expect any password manager to work. One thing I particularly have liked about pwSafe in the past is that you can have multiple safes saved in different locations. If you have local passwords on your Mac that you don't need on iOS, you can keep a separate vault. Want a different safe for work items than individual ones? You can do that too. You can even save them in different locations if you'd like when it comes to iCloud, Dropbox, or locally.

For those that already own pwSafe, the update will be free. If you happen to check out the update, let us know what you think in the comments below!

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Reader comments

pwSafe for iOS updated with Smart Pasteboard to make inputting passwords easier than ever


That is crazy useful. I didn't even notice that update in the latest PWSafe update because there wasn't much explanation of how to use it. I had to read your story 4 times and practice with notepad (to see what it was pasting) before I even understood how it works.

It appears that PWSafe, still running in the background, changes what is in the clipboard when you make the motion to temporarily put the iPhone face down. It's a truly brilliant solution to a common problem of needing to be able to input the username AND the password. Call me skeptical but I have to think that Apple is going to pull this app very soon and/or make them remove this functionality. This seems like something that they wouldn't typically allow and we call know how apple is (Camera+). Seems like it would violate some consistant user interface guideline. That said, I like it and it's very clever!

Interesting password management and a nice new feature. I'm still enjoy the 1password. There is not a day go by that I don't use this app. Great update review.

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I love videos, and this was good enough! I really understand how the app works.
"Smart Pasteboard" sounds very appealing.

I've been more interested in this kind of app lately and I have more questions but can't seem to flesh out the optimal way to express them. I even went back and read Ally's 2012 article focused on other password apps. I guess I'm having a tough time narrowing down which app would be the best for me longterm... Either that or I just want everything to be Touch ID so bad.


I've been using PWSafe for a year or so, its always worked great for me. I love the integration across mac too.

Not so keen on their new icon, but I won't hold that against them