Quad-core, 4G LTE iPad 3 rumored for next week... in New York?

Quad-core, 4G LTE iPad 3 rumored for next week... in New York?

Ready to add yet more quad-core, 4G LTE rumors to your iPad 3 launch list? Well, you better be because CNBC just tweeted the following:

ALERT: Quad-Core iPad 3 with 4G LTE to be unveiled in New York next week. -Sources

iMore reported on a quad-core iPad 3 with possible 4G LTE networking, set for a March 7 announcement a couple of weeks ago, so that part lines up nicely.

A New York unveiling would be unusual, however. The recent education event and last year's Verizon iPhone launch were both in New York, but every major product introduction in iOS history has been in or around Apple's home base of San Francisco/Cupertino.

Either way, with March 7 fast approaching, we should find out sooner rather than later.

As to the actual iPad 3 release date, we shared our most recent information with you over the weekend, but we should find out for certain next week.

UPDATE: Um, yikes. Looks like CNBC jumped the gun with that alert. They weren't confirming iMore's story, they were copying it and didn't provide attribution until after the fact. That's okay, we all make mistakes, but iMore had nothing to do with the New York City part of that story (we didn't hear it and didn't report it). We appreciate the clarification, however, but calling us "blog iMore"

Source: @CNBC

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Quad-core, 4G LTE iPad 3 rumored for next week... in New York?


My sister's husband's mother's brother-in-law's second cousin just said that Apple will actually skip the iPad 3 and announce the iPad 4 on April 9th. It will have a retina display, 4G LTE, A6 processor, and a jet engine. Apple will then release an iPad 3 in November with the iPhone 5 as a "mid-range" option with no retina display and the A5X for those uncomfortable with the iPad 4's $3.7 million price tag.

You forgot to mention where the announcement will take place because that matters for some reason now..

why is anyone doubting apple or imore.com? march 7 they will meet and announce something new shouldnt we all be happy for that atleast?

Is it possible that the iPad 3 DOES NOT get 4G (LTE)so as not to give away a potential earth-shattering (please take that as sarcasm) selling point of the iPhone 5 (or whatever)? It would seem, as though, that 4G could be seen as much more valuable in a mobile phone than it's tablet counterpart.