Quick App: Air Mouse 1.5 for iPhone

Chad reviewed Air Mouse a while back, and now they've let us know they're back with a 1.5 update that adds some nifty new features, including:

the computer notifies Air Mouse as to which app it's currently running so that Air Mouse can show the correct keys for that app. We plan to make more use of this system in future versions and think that this is the directions that all remotes will be heading in the future.

Check out the above video for more on the navigation and media player support, and if you try it out, let us know what you think!

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Reader comments

Quick App: Air Mouse 1.5 for iPhone


This is just using an app for the sake of using it. It's like eating with chopsticks when you have a fork next to your plate.
"You have to get used to it?" Why? I already have a mouse and a trackpad... I don't have to get used to this at all.

I agree with Steve here.
I carry the Apple BT mouse/keyboards with me because they're small and work great.
That would get old really fast, IMHO.
Well done, but not for me.

I use a blue tooth keyboard and mouse, yet I downloaded the original AirMouse App when I first bought my iPhone 3g. I originally didn't have a use for it, and just thought it was a cool app, but recently I have hooked up my dell desktop to my 42" flatscreen and have been using the application as my source for a mouse and keyboard.
It has since become a very useful app and it has always been a 5/5 in my book. The new features of the 1.5 update are great! I'm excited to see where the future of remote App's is going.

This thing is amazing. I use it practically everyday. I've been using it for months, but this new update just blew me away. Even if you don't need a wireless mouse, just buy it to see how incredible it is.

Very usefull!! Works all around the house. Great to watch a movie in bed before you fall asleep and don't want to move anymore. I love it!!!

Does anyone know the answer to my question? Does anyone know if this app media keys work with DVD Player on MacOS X and VLC player?

I second Josh's question - does it come with app media keys for VLC? That would be key for me, since I watch everything on VLC.

I finally gave up hope of catching it on sale and bought it, was worth every dollar, I didn't expect it to be as good an app as it is

This app us great! I was actually looking for a small wireless handheld keyboard for my desktop. Instead of spending money on that I bought this app for 6 bucks and got exactly what I needed. I find myself using the trackpad mode more than the accelerometer mouse mode

I would like to say, excellent site. Im unsure if it has been addressed, but when using Firefox I can never get the whole page to load without refreshing alot of times. Maybe just my modem. Appreciate your work