Quick App 3.0: Apple iTunes/Apple TV Remote adds Gesture Support


Went into the App Store and what did I see, why an updated Remote app for iTunes and AppleTV! One of the first apps in the App Store at launch, the latest update for Remote [free - iTunes link] turbo charges the cool factor with support for gesture-based Apple TV control. Very slick:

  • Hold down "Menu" to bring up main menu. Swipe to move around.
  • Tap to play or pause music or video.
  • Drag left or right and hold to rewind or fast-forward music.
  • Flick left or right for previous or next music track.
  • Flick left or right or drag and hold to rewind or fast-forward video.
  • Flick down to show chapter markers, then flick left or right to skip through video.
  • Drag two fingers left for 10 second reply.
  • Tap "Exit" or "Options" for those actions.

If you hit exit, you get similar functions, art display, etc. to the previous version of the Remote app. Hitting Options brings up a new overlay menu on the Apple TV. Speaking of which...

The new Apple Remote app's gesture features require iPhone 3.0 and the latest Apple TV software update, also released today (which seems to have gotten a UI over haul as well). Get that, or you won't get the nifty new interface.

I'm trying it. I'm liking it. How about you?

More screen shots after the break!

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Rene Ritchie

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Reader comments

Quick App 3.0: Apple iTunes/Apple TV Remote adds Gesture Support


Drake, Remote always had keyboard support for Apple TV. When you go to the YouTube Search page, for example, the Remote app changes to a text field and keyboard. At least it always has done that for me!

Another change in the Remote app - when watching videos, the spot where the Genius button normally resides is not occupied by a Jump Back 10 Seconds button, similar to the Jump Back 30 Seconds button in the podcast controls of iPhone OS 3.0.

This is awesome and completely elliminates the only reason I was hanging onto the white Apple Remote. Nice surprise!

So, what, no guestures for itunes? bummer. what about front row? seems since that it's just a stripped down version of the (apple)tv ui, they could throw some support in there. or, maybe, MAYBE have itunes switch to a front-row like ui (like fade into it when you start the remote app, just like when you play a movie) and bring up the more distance-legible ui, maybe throw a vizualization in the background of it... is that too much to ask for? probably.

I just played around with this and it's an AWESOME update. works just like scrolling through the iPod app. but iTunes gestures next please.
i wonder: does apple have to put their own apps through the same rigorous approval process? LOL

I think they changed how it communicates too because I could never get it to connect on my work pc because the firewall had it blocked and I didnt have admin permissions. Now I opened it up and it works perfect. Strange...

Sounds cool but I am more excited that I see the iPhone formatted version of the website is back, thanks Rene!

Can we rate songs, now? This has been on my wish list since day one.
In any case, I love that app.