Quick App: Arcade Bowling

For only a $1.99, Arcade Bowling from Skyworks, found here in the App Store, may be the least expensive addictive substance around. Based on the old arcade classic, Skeeball, your objective is to roll the laser balls down the ramp, where they launch and fly through the air and into one of the holes in the board. The smaller, more difficult holes are valued higher, but never fear, the worst you can do per laser ball is 10 points.

Two game modes are available - Classic and Progressive modes. Classic mode is a single game of nine laser balls. Just roll them with the swish of your fingertip and score as many points as you can in the single game. Or, if raising the stakes each round is more appealing to you, then play Progressive mode. As you achieve the points goal in each round, the goal is raised in the next the round.

In addition to needing a touch of finesse when "swiping" the ball down the ramp, Arcade Bowling takes advantage of the iPhone's accelerometer, enabling you to add a bit of guidance to the ball in mid-flight. Did I say this game is addicting? Well, it is!

A final note: when I first installed the game and started playing, it would crash with some frequency. The way to resolve this is to reset your iPhone after installation. Once I did that, problem solved. No more crashing. Relive the good 'ol days of Skeeball with this 21st century virtual version that you can carry in your pocket!


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Reader comments

Quick App: Arcade Bowling


Just got a 720. Hope to get an 810 this week.
I feel the pressure like crazy when I get that many. When I got a 720, my last ball barely missed the hole, so I was very close to a 810.
Eat it.

my top progressive score is 5,630. my top classic game score is 560, but i'm getting better.