Quick App: Arcade Hoops for the iPhone

Mark wrote in to tell us about Arcade Hoops, and was gracious enough to share some great info:

I think one interesting thing about the game is its back story. It was developed by Garry Kitchen and David Crane. David was a co-founder of Activision and Garry co-founded Absolute Entertainment. These guys worked together on some famous old school games like Donkey Kong for Atari, Pitfall and Decathlon.

They've decided to put these skills to work in a very new medium, and I hope you'll be impressed with the results.

The other story is the quality of the game and the intensity of the game play. You can look at virtually any review online, either on the iTunes site or off- they are all glowing. People are really amazed that this game is available for $1.99. I think it's because of the soundtrack, the 3D imagery, and the speed of the game play - plus some extra touches like a trash-talking jumbotron.

Any giving it a try? Let us know what you think!

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Quick App: Arcade Hoops for the iPhone


This game is amazing. Why isn't it in the "What's Hot" category on iTunes? I can't beleive it's only $1.99 and I can't stop playing!

I have it and I'm addicted! The graphics, the sounds, the speed of the ball are incredible. You can tell "pros" did made this game. Great game. Great price.