Quick App: Birdhouse Twitter Notepad for iPhone

Birdhouse is a hybrid app of sorts. It lets you take offline notes, store them as drafts, and email those drafts individualy or en masse for "backup". The differentiator here is that it's also a multi-user Twitter client that lets you publish said drafts to the internet's favorite 140 character micro-blogging platform. It also lets you visit your Twitter history to un-publish (i.e. trash) tweets if you later regret posting them. (Or if you just want to correct an error and repost, like I just did.)

It may replace Apple's built-in Notes app for hardcore Twitter users, but since it's exclusively a drafting and publishing app, it isn't intended to replace more full featured Twitter-clients like Twitterrific and Tweetie.

A clean, considered, dare I say crisp little application, it will no doubt elicit all manner of oohs and ahs from the Twitteratti, while those not fond of Twitter or uncomfortable being overly artsy about their tweets would do well to shake their heads and move on.

Personally, I'm enjoying it thus far. And more than I suspected I would.

$3.99 via the iTunes App Store.

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Quick App: Birdhouse Twitter Notepad for iPhone


I think this is a great idea, but they should have taken it step further and added all the normal capabilities of a twitter app. The video alone made me want to buy it though. Excellent marketing.