Quick App: Bow Cam for iPhone

An app that barks at a dog to get it's attention so it can then snap the dog's picture? Now that's some cunning canine camera creativity right there. We imagine, however, a barking dog might get the attention of all sorts of other snap-able subjects.

Bow Cam comes from Appliya, a Tokyo based iPhone developer house. We're hoping to see more from them, but we've also heard that waiting in the increasingly long line for app approval is even more problematic internationally, with some iTunes branch reps simply telling devs to contact the US for support (regardless of language differences.)

Let's hope the post-holiday season slows down a little, Apple adds both staff and a modicum of transparency, and the process as a whole matures into 2009, b'okay?

Tried Bow Cam on your pooch? (or prowler?) Let us know how it worked for you!

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Rene Ritchie

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Quick App: Bow Cam for iPhone