Quick App: CraigsMobileList for iPhone


Recently, I have been doing some freelance job hunting and I've found CraigsMobileList [$0.99 - iTunes link] to be quite helful in sifting through the craigslist search results.

The app also allows you to bookmark searches, post ads, favorite certain results and set filters for your searches. Also, you can keep a recent city search list (helpful if you are looking state-wide results.)

If you're an "usual" on Craigslist, then this app if for you!

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Quick App: CraigsMobileList for iPhone


Is craigslist legit when looking for a job? I've tried but most of the time I either get no reply or they redirect me to a different website to fill out a form, or they start talking about some other job that's completely different. from what they posted.

I have a free craigslist app on my iPhone and it works great but the listings are different than craigslist on my Mac. What? The listings on the phone are more extensive. Huh? I too wonder like Mr.Anonymous if these listings are legit. I have only been contacted once and the responder was a nut job.

Most of the listings are legit, but they receive probably 50+ emails for each job offering. Most just don't respond unless they want you.

One does not use AN in front of a word beginning with a Long U sound.
Its an undesirable usage.
Its a usage that is undesirable.
We would write a unit and a university because the "u" sound that begins those words actually begins with a "yoo" sound, which is consonantal (as opposed to the soft vowel "u" that begins words such as ugly and umbilical).
This post brought to you by the grammar police on a slow Sunday.

Pound sand for that pathetic correction. iPhone probably autocorrected an spelling error and entered "an" instead of "a".
Hopefully someone can explain the intricacies of the two to too debate two me at some point.
Don't even start with there they're their, icebike, my mind might collapse in on itself.
On topic, I'd probably not pay for a craigslist app because 1) it's a free service on any computer. 2) there are too many false listings to take it seriously. Apartment searched reveal more scams than legit offers, not sure about jobs. Because I have never heard back. Haha I'm willing to accept that it might have something to do with me personally tho.

I have bought other cl apps but bought this a couple nights ago. This is by far my fav. It's beautiful, but of course there's still room for improvement. As toward other poster - I got an internship from a cl listing over a year ago and this summer they gave me a position. There are some good things on cl.

I have been robbed while looking at a car bumer posted on craigslist. I just listed a truck on there two days ago and keep getting phone calls from unknown or not in service phones, and a ton of emails trying to scam me with the "I send you x amount more and you send me back x amount". The app may be good, but craigslist is not.

Craigly Lite is free and great if your searching craigslist. You can't post, but I've never had to post anything.

I use the free craigslist web app...can't see a paid app being much better. I can post, search, log into my account and look at nude photos in the personals.
What's up with these apps that want you to pay when their service is free. Like the new CNN app, I'm not paying for news!!

yeah i was wondering what the best craigslist app is out there.. i bought craigspro and cant tell really the big differences. i heard this app "craigsmobilelist" is buggy and crashes thou hmmm

@Icebike aka grammar police...
I believe you meant "It's" not "Its".
If you're going to police grammar, at least do it with correct grammar!

  1. @Icebike :P
  2. @Jose I actually did use my iPhone to type this up and I probably use that as my excuse, but I distinctly remember quickly reading it over... hmm quickly... ooo ooo that's my excuse! I was in a hurry & didn't catch my mistakes...

2.Like any other ad database, you should be careful.

  1. I would have strongly rejected looking for jobs in CL, however, I've heard from several people in my industry that CL is the perfect place to watch for jobs.
  2. @Ivoryplum I would imagine so. I have gotten responses from people before without an issue, I also follow up on the listing - check it out to make sure it is legit.
  3. @Kelli Miller Id's highly recommend to never stick your e-mail nor you phone number in AN ad. You can always set up A Gmail account for the ad (then forget it when you are done with it.) I'd also recommend using A Google Voice number or even better, create A forwarding number at toktumi.com (30-day free trial & there's AN iPhone app to go with it :) )
  4. @Icebike (via @Brian) PWNED :P