Quick App: Currencies Currency Converter for iPhone

Currencies is a simple yet gorgeous currency converter that lets you quickly and easily find out how much that sandwich at Heathrow airport will really cost you in good old US greenbacks. (Hint: not cheap!)

Developer Luc Vandal shared his favorite feature with us, and we have to admit it's ours as well:

there are no useless buttons. Just tap on a field, select currency or enter amount and everything gets updated on the fly. No Done button, no OK button, etc. Want to make sure you have the latest rates? Just shake to refresh and amounts are updated almost instantly.

He's right; it works as good as it looks. Which brings us to the UI design, done by Cocoai's Sebastiaan de With. His growing reputation is well deserved. Small but delightful little touches like the exposed electronics when rearranging the currency fields is especially artistic and appreciated (see above).

Who would have thought conversion apps would be leading the quality charge on the App Store?

Currencies is available via iTunes for $0.99

If you've tried it, let us know what you think. More screenshots after the break...


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Reader comments

Quick App: Currencies Currency Converter for iPhone


I really like the currency app on my iphone but I have discovered a mistake that I would like to make the creator aware of about the currencies. The app has sucres posted as the currency of Ecuador but that is not the case. The sucre was discontinued in 2000 and now the country of Ecuador uses the US Dollar. I know this because I live part of the year in Ecuador. Feel free to check it out but I wanted to touch base with you so it could be accurate. Good job with the app. Take care.

Looks like a good currency converter with easy-to-use interface. I'll definitely take a look at it. I'm currently using Rainbow Riders' Dollar Currency Converter in my iPhone. It's similar as this one and all the rates are updated on a regular basis. I recommend it to frequent travelers. Keep on posting!