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DocsToGo Update

Documents to Go is finally -- FINALLY! -- available for the iPhone. But, it currently only supports Word editing, no Excel (though they promise it via a free update), no PowerPoint (tho. Yet, there's a higher end version that includes Exchange Attachments integration!

148apps has the details, but the short and long of it is, there are two distinct versions now available:

  • Documents to Go (Microsoft Word editing & Desktop sync) ($4.99 - iTunes link) allows you to create and edit Microsoft Word documents, view Excel, Powerpoint, iWork, PDF, and "other files" (presumably what's natively supported), and includes a 2-way Wi-Fi desktop sync utility for Mac & Windows.
  • Documents to Go with Exchange Attachments (Microsoft Word editing, Exchange attachments, & Desktop sync) ($9.99 - iTunes link) offers all the above plus the ability to receive, edit, and send Word docs, and view other docs attached to Microsoft Exchange emails (if you don't have an Exchange account, don't get this version!)

It looks like they're still using their homebrew cut, copy, and paste solution, and with iPhone 3.0 just days away, the timing is a little awkward. Any developers Documents to Go on iPhone 3.0, let us know how that works for you. (We anticipate a 3.0 happy update ASAP)

The most important question is, however, all of you waiting on Documents to Go, is this what you wanted? Worth the wait? Sound off in the comments!

Screenshots after the break!


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Quick App: Documents to Go for iPhone


"It looks like they’re still using their homebrew cut, copy, and paste solution, and with iPhone 3.0 just days away, the timing is a little awkward."
But won't that interfere with the native cut/copy/paste in firmware 3.0?

@Big Willie Maybe they'll remove it with the update, or they make keep it for those ( if any ) that decide to stay with 2.2.1 or lower. I'm thinking it will just be there and don't be of any use or bother to those of use who do upgrade.

3.0 Native C,C,P does not function inside the app maybe they will have a 1.01 or such to change that with the official release. I notice it does not carry my formatting, colored text boxes and such from the original file.

I think I am gonna give this a try, as in the past I have used them on my Palm device. Since it's half the price of QuickOffice & incorporates retrieving documents via an exchange account, that sounds better than QuickOffice.

Hmmm..after all the hype and the long wait..NOT impressed thus far..only MS Word editing? Bah..& it seems they r yet to incorporate 3.0's native copy paste.. Now that being said the price is an absolute bargain & includes a free update to excel editing capability..am kinda
torn now as the promise of D2G initially prevented me from
pulling the trigger on Quickoffice!

Sorry for the minute-to-minute updates, but just got that app working with my exchange account. It's awesome! It find all you e-mails that have attachments within a set amount of time a lists them, then if it's a .Doc file, you can edit it, save it, and send it back to the original sender. I can see this as being great for anyone that needs to edit contract or invoices etc. on the go.
In the end I still think that there could be a better way of handling the email attachments as many people do not have exchange accounts (I know there is mail2web.com that allows you to have an exchange account for $5/month, but that makes the application more expensive.) I'd happily pay double the price if they incorporated importing document for the iPhone much like Readdle does.
... I feel a review coming soon :D

You can't paste something into DocsToGo that was copied/cut anywhere outside of DocsToGo.
You can't copy something using DocsToGo's custom copy/paste and then paste it anywhere else except inside the DocsToGo app.
You can copy from DocsToGo's spreadsheet viewer to iPhone 3.0's native copy/paste and paste it any other app. This is because DocsToGo uses the iPhone's native spreadsheet viewer, so it's just like copying text from a spreadsheet attachment in the Mail app.
The Word text editor is pretty nice. It has font effects (bold, italic, underline, colored text, background colors for text), five different choices for how paragraphs are aligned/justified, bulleted lists and numbered lists, indentations, find text, zooming, undo/redo, word count info, and probably more hidden stuff I haven't even seen yet. Once they implement spreadsheet editing and the iPhone 3.0's native copy/paste, this will be an incredible app.

The desktop sync only works over wireless and not direct cable connection like Palm Desktop did... I don't have wireless at work, so that means all my syncing has to be done at home.
Not real impressed so far for all the hype it generated.

Well, having installed the iPhone App of DocsToGo, and received the link to download the desktop sync software, I downloaded it and attempted to install it, but whenever I run it, it closes and I get the error message "Documents to Go closed unexpectedly" (Mac OS Leopard).
Dataviz offer NO e-mail support for the new DocsToGo and having searched their website I have not found any fix. So what do I do now? Tought sh*t?!
I've uninstalled all previous Palm and Documnents-to-go software manually, and repaired all permissions, but still it quits.
Very annoyed at this and at the lack of support.
Any ideas people?

Alan - sorry to hear about your trouble (really), but I thought MAC's never got errors and were so intuitive that they didn't require support... Go ahead MAC-lover's, feel free to flame me. I don't hate MAC, or love Windows for that matter, just find this amusing.
Sounds like it makes sense to wait a few days to see how Dataviz D2G adjusts to the new iPhone 3.0 release today.

I've had the same problem as Alan Broderick. DataViz has always been super-concerned about anyone ripping them off, so working with them is tough. IN this case, I bought the iPhone app and never got the email for the desktop sync. When I went to DataViz, they recognized my prior version of Docs to Go but want a regi number for the iPhone version -- which I don't have because I didn't get an email. You're caught in DataViz' paranoia, Alan.

Ok Im trying to Sync my Excell Calander from work to my Iphone, Im really haveing trouble doing it so could someone Please Help me Please