Quick App: Dropbox for iPhone

Dropbox [Free - iTunes link] is now available in the App Store, and allows iPhone and iPod touch users to access their online Dropbox storage remotely.

For those unfamiliar with Dropbox, it provides something similar to Apple's MobileMe iDrive, but with a free option at 2GB, and paid options at $9.99/month for 50GB and $19.99/month for 100GB, and syncing between any computers the Dropbox app.

The iPhone version lets you:

  • Access your Dropbox directory
  • View your files
  • Download files to your iPhone
  • Sync downloaded files
  • Take photos and videos and upload them to Dropbox
  • Share links to Dropbox files
  • View photos

{Thanks Frank o

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Reader comments

Quick App: Dropbox for iPhone


I love Dropbox and have been using them Forever. They are just like having a Hard Drive Anywhere. I also use Adrive where it gives you 50GB for Free as well, but not as many features as dropbox

Looking pretty good so far.
Would have liked to see the ability to zoom in on images.
Otherwise i really like the music and videa streaming functionality

Dropbox is awesome, I use it for work 3 or 4 days out of every week! The iPhone app is cool but really unless you view a lot of collaborative documents and have urgent need to do so it won't help you all that much. Since there is no editing, you won't be doing any work on the go with it either. One nice feature is that you can upload photos from your iPhone to the server which means that you have an easy way to pull photos off your iPhone without tethering via USB, but then again you could always email them to yourself as well. It's a neat app but mobile document editing is not to the place that it needs to be in order to be a must have app.

I have been eagerly awaiting the launch of this app as I love the application on my PC, but requires 3.1?!?! What a bunch of crap. 3.0 maybe but not 3.1. Sounds like a ploy from Apple to cut back on jailbreakers.

I don't know about you guys but I have 3.1 jailbroken... Now you are going to say I have windows... Well guess what so do I and no access to a mac. There are other ways to get it done besides sitting on your hands and waiting on red snow.

Dropbox has a promotional scheme where, if a person invites others to join Dropbox, both the parties get an extra 250MB.
Here is my link to my invitation page:
If you create a new Dropbox account by clicking on this link, I get 250MB extra storage, and so do you.
It is not a fake link. It is on the Dropbox website. If you hold your cursor over the link, it does not link to some weird Russian website. It goes to the Dropbox website.
Dropbox's promotional offer stipulates a maximum bonus of 5GB, so after the above offer is used by a few people, the link will cease to offer the bonus.

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