Quick Review: eBuddy Pro for iPhone


If you have been searching for a fresh instant messaging client, we have good news for you -- eBuddy Pro [iTunes Link - $4.99] is quite a solid performer. For the price, you get a very respectable instant messaging client with a ton of great features that rivals those of higher priced apps.

  • Push notifications
  • All your friends in one buddy list
  • Receive message alerts & typing notifications
  • Send pictures to friends
  • No ads
  • Receive message alerts & typing notifications
  • Supports chat for AIM, GTalk, Facebook, MySpace, Yahoo, MSN and ICQ

I personally have been using this application for about a week now and can honestly say I enjoy using it more than the bigger name IM apps but this does not mean there is no room for improvement. The start up time is just too darn slow but we've been assured by the developer this is being worked on for a future update. If you want to give eBuddy a try for before you buy, take the free version [iTunes Link] for a spin. Just keep in mind you will be without some of the great features present in the Pro version.

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Quick Review: eBuddy Pro for iPhone


I Purchased eBuddy Pro after a bad week with Beejive constantly crashing/freezing on me.
Although not as pretty as Beejive, eBuddy Pro works quite well and has no bugs or crashes/freezes that I've experienced. I found that all the features and fucntions ( THAT I USED) from Beejive are in eBuddy Pro as well.
I bought it for 2.99 holiday sale wich is a very fair price.
I see it's 4.99,now, still much better than Beejives 9.99 piece of crash/cash/crap app.

My work's firewall doesn't allow me to use any IM clients, so I have been resorting to ebuddy for about 3 years now. It's easily the best web based messenger out there (although it has its flaws).
When the app came out for the iPhone, I jumped on it immediately and proceeded to delete all other IM apps. It's the nicest looking one and Push works well. However, my only gripe is that it signs you out after a user-set period of time. I wish it would just constantly run in the "background" like Ping! or WhatsApp.

Unfortunately I bought Beejive, though at a sales price. eBuddy seems better, but Beejive hasn't crashed or anything for me. :) I'll stick with Beejive for now.
P.S. The point of "Receive message alerts & typing notifications" is listed twice above.

I am trying to find a good IM and been leaning towards Beejive due to reviews but can't always trust those.
What are the plus and minuses of IM+, Beejive, and eBuddy?
One thing that is making me lean towards Beejive is the ability to save conversations. Any others do this?

do all IM clients automatically log you out after a certain time? or is it just because i am using the free version, the free version of ebuddy is awesome except that it will only stay logged in for 2 hours

I actually think that ebuddy loads quicker than Im . It's not as pretty, but it is my goto im client now.

@Michael: Beejive will keep you logged in for up to 7 days. Very nice feature. I haven't had any problems with freezing or crashing.
Why not wait until the 27th to see if OS 4.0 brings mobile iChat or something?!
So does quick review = quick product plug?

@IM Infoman, wait to see, if maybe apple brings some im goodies, but if you gotta go with one i suggest beejive...only problem with beejive i've had is with photo transfer, everythings else is smooth as a whistle. And it doesnt change your personal message to anything...

i want to facebook and my faceboook .
I dont know how facebook .
but I want to arabic on face book .
thank you
alaa husary

Going on my second week with ebuddy pro for the iphone. If you do alot of chatting like I do, it is an extremely worthwhile investment. The actual Facebook chat bombs out on me constantly, whereas ebuddy is much more reliable and actually fun to use. The company is great,,,you ask a question or make a suggestion and they listen! That's important. Best wished all!

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"Push notification" is totally unreliable on eBuddy. I have paid version and I am really angry about this. DO NOT BUY THIS APP.

"Push notification" is totally unreliable on eBuddy. I have paid version and I am really angry about this. DO NOT BUY THIS APP.