Quick App: File Magic for the iPhone

Yes, among the 15,000+ apps in the App Store, there are several file transfer apps available, but having spent some time with File Magic from SplashData, available here in the App Store for $4.99, I can report that it's easy to use and increases the functionality of your iPhone or iPod Touch. By downloading the FREE desktop app at splashdata.com, you can transfer a myriad of file types from your desktop to your iPhone.

Why is this useful? If you are at work and want to take some files home with you or on the road to view and read, just use the handy desktop app to wirelessly transfer the files to your iPhone or iPod Touch, where they are automatically categorized. Transferring the files couldn't be easier - just use the drag-and-drop interface on the File Magic Desktop app and the files will "magically" appear on your iPhone File Magic app via your WiFi connection.

Check out the app in the App Store to learn more about it's features. Whether it's a matter of taking files with you to review on the road, using your iPhone or iPod Touch to move files from office to home, or even using the app to backup important documents, File Magic handles it well.

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Reader comments

Quick App: File Magic for the iPhone


This may be partly due to my experience as a technical support rep for an iPhone software company, but I foresee lots of Bonjour-related connection problems with this thing. Straight TCP/IP connectivity is one thing, but multicast DNS over wi-fi is another (often unreliable) thing.
Also, what happens if you want to access a file and you are at a friend's computer? You have to download the desktop app to their PC?

I would love to see this compared to the air sharing app.
The only real difference I can see is that file magic has a desktop app.
It would be great for either app to work via USB. Wifi is fine for the laptop but my tower does not have wifi.

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I gave this a try yesterday. It worked fine at first. I connected easily, and transferred several files. Then something strange happened. A newly charged iPhone got down to 10% battery overnight. First time ever. Also, I could no longer connect to the desktop app to transfer. My computer would pop up on the iPhone and ask to connect, but it would never connect...tried everything. Also, better still draining at alarming rate. Deleted app. Battery problem went away.

Gave this a try, the file transfer rate is extremely slow and the desktop program keeps freezing and going unresponsive. Good concept but but doesn't work well at all.