Quick app and give-away: GPS Tracks for iPhone

GPS Tracks is exactly what its name implies, a real-time location tracking application. It takes advantage of iOS 4 multitasking so that you can use other apps while tracking. In addition to tracking your location, it also keeps track of your time and distance and displays everything nicely in a built-in Google map.

  • Use other apps on your iPhone without having to quit GPS Tracks because it leverages multitasking in iOS 4 to run in the background
  • Track your location, including elevation if you have an iPhone 3GS or iPhone 4, in real-time
  • Get a live view of your current track on a Google map
  • Add, remove, and rename waypoints
  • Export your GPS data as universal GPX files via email
  • Simple and easy to use
  • Configure the GPS settings to find the best mix between GPS accuracy and battery life appropriate for your needs
  • Select either metric or English units
  • Rename or delete old track logs

The folks over at High Order Bit have generously given us a few promo codes to give away! For a chance to win, let us know how you plan to use GPS Tracks in your life, whether it's hiking, biking, running, or something else! We'll randomly choose 3 of you as winners. Give away starts now, ends Sunday

[$1.99 - iTunes link]

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Quick app and give-away: GPS Tracks for iPhone


I love to run and bike; I'd use this to reduce the number of devices carried by leaving the GPS at home.

Anna Posted on Wish I could have gone with you guys. I always want to look back at Hunter and then I amsolt fall over. Typical me LOVE these pictures of the ride.

I have lost 50lbs. by walking and watching calories over the past year. I would use the GPS app to track my walking distance each day and have a better idea of distance and time that I'm traveling.

I'd like to use it as a gift for appsgiving (anniversary of the app store later this month) I have a friend who's an avid bicycler who just bought his first iPhone and JUST asked me about a gps style app that includes elevation. This would be perfect!

I would use this to map where I'm burying my treasure. Then export my route to picture safe so I could find it again when I retire.

I would use it to track my walking, running & traveling location and distance, especially in foreign countries

I'd use this for when I'm out in the middle of nowhere taking photos so I can tag their locations so I can come back again!!

I'm a daily walker/hiker and I track all of miles in Excel - accuracy is really important to me, so something like this would be perfect!

I have just begun a weight loss program after being diagnosed with a serious illness. I am doing extensive hiking/walking and this app would be a great asset to me. I would love getting a promo code.

I would use this on my motorcycle trips for accurate tracking that my wife could keep up with.

I'm a Paramedic and it would help with those hard to find locations. It would get used well...!

I would use this to keep track of where ive been when im blacked out drunk.. on a given friday or saturday night i might go to 9 different bars and 3 different houses and not remember a thing. this would be extremely helpful for putting my night back together the next morning and figuring out where i lost my wallet

I would love to give the code to my 12yrs old daughter who loves photography so that she can use it to track the trail of all interesting thing she shoots and plan different trail each time before documenting it in iMovie

This would be great for looking at my path to/from work when I bike as well as when I go hiking in the rockies in September. Plus, then I would know where my phone goes at night while I am sleeping.

I'd plan on using this to get some exact coordinates of my buddy's property. He has metal stakes that outline his property but he'd like to be able to map on google maps, his entire property line. We could just walk the property line of his 40+ acres and get exactly that. Thanks!

Going on vacation in a few weeks, would love to Geotag my photos while travelling in the Rockies

I would use it when im lost, running, going overseas, to school and of course.. haha, track SOMEONE else.. kekeke..

I plan to use this for everything.. especially when i go overseas.. i always see fake GPS apps in the AppStore and i would like to try this out. I could use it when driving, biking, jogging, hiking, sleeping.. ahem ahem LOL :D

I would for sure use this to track my runs of which I'm trying to start. Need to lose 20lbs and this would motivate me for sure!

I would love to have this application. I can see using it in my day to day photography jobs. bookmarking beautiful locations to shoot as well as kep track of my movement for clients.

I would love this app so i can record my 4x4ing activities, my iphone is the only gps i use so this app would go along way in helping me to record my tracks.
I will use the info to share with people that would like to enjoy a little adventure.
I facilitate teambuilding events and this would be great to use for setting up gps orienteering events.

I would use it to map out bike routes. And if I ever get back to the Swiss Alps, I'd use it there while hiking!

I'm planning to buy a motorcycle this weekend and this would be great to use while checking out my area. We also go walking with the kids and it would be neat to track our progress.

This would be so awesome when we go camping or just on vacation touring. Could send my route/ location to my daughter to keep up or find me! Cool!

For work. Sometimes I go on roadtrips. If I have an accurate way to track the miles then the crude rounding is over.

I would use it to keep track of walking during my lunch to keep track of my goals - Does the app tell you the speed you are going?

Use it to track my kid, make sure she isn't someplace she isn't supposed to be. This would be a great way to find her in case she's in trouble.

I'd use it to strap my iPhone to my cat. He goes out at night and comes back in the morning. I want to know WHERE he's going...that lil feline tramp!

I walk with my extremely friendly pitbull about three miles everyday,,,,,pretty good app to keep track of how long and far we get..

I just started running. My first 5K is this weekend! I would love to have the app to map out my runs and walks - especially since I try to switch them up every week.

I will be vacationing in London in two weeks...I'd love to be able to leave "virtual bread crumbs" when I'm wandering the streets of London...

I'm starting a ten day vacation next week with my 16 year old daughter who needs some more drive time before she takes her drive test. We're driving close to 2,000 miles from Portland, Oregon to Utah, and up to Idaho and back home. If anyone needs GPS Tracker, it's me!

A few coworkers and I have been going mountain biking quite a bit in our area, and we are trying to find the best phone application to use to track our rides. This one sounds like it would definitely work well. It might also help me convince my coworkers to get iPhones! :)

Being a photographer, I could use it to keep track of where my photos are made. I hope it works in the jungles of Colombia, or the factories of Surat India, or the fish market in Stone Town Zanzibar!

Just moved to a new city with my kids and wife and I been telling the kids we would adventure out into the woods, the kids have my old iPhone 3G and I have the iPhone 4. We would love to use this app to mark our locations and hopefully mark cool places to go back to hang out in the woods and possibly the best places to camp out and find cool things. The kids would love using this!

My wife and I have recently decided that losing weight is a goal for this year. We both put on a few pounds after the wedding. We like to hike. This would be extremely useful to us both to help us not get lost, but also to help us keep track of distances so we can accurately track and plan exercise.

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This would be perfect for me. I hike regularly in the local mountains here in Southern California and am looking forward to my new iPhone and a piece of software like this to track my adventures to altitudes of 11000 feet!

I'm a student living in Manhattan, who often doesn't get as much exercise as I should,despite NY being such a great city for walking. this app would be great for keeping track and plotting my walks, their times and distances to help me stay in shape physically as well as mentally!

I would use the app to track bicycle and hiking trails so that they could be marked on a map to be made available to others for trails not currently mapped.

I bike to work everyday and if it has a cumulative feature (think odometer) it would be pretty cool to see how far I go in different time periods, a week, a month, summer versus winter, etc.
Thanks! Paul

I would use that for tracking the path my dog takes when we are out for our daily walks :)

I am coming from Android and loved 'My Tracks' that Google gives you for free. I have been looking for an app like this on iPhone

I would be using this for my travel in a car and bike. I would love to travel. I must say this is very good promotional event. I'm privileged to be part of this. Thanks a lot!

I would use this app to hike with my daughter. She loves to hike and fish with her dad and this would be the perfect thing to track our adventures. I have been looking for something like this ever since I got my first iphone (16G 1st generation).

@bfr0d yeah I hate to have to approve tocmenms but it is amazing what some people will say when they can hide behind the internet. So in order to protect and respect our customers that let us post their videos about our service that is what we do. Sorry.

I'm training for my first marathon this Thanksgiving weekend and would use it to keep track of my distance/time and keep track of my runs. It will be especially useful as I'm doing a bit of traveling (London) and can therefore keep track of my distances in areas that I'm not familiar with already.

Nifty! I would use this to track bike rides and walks and drives - always nice to be able to see where you have been!

I need it to track my iPhone from all those iPhone thieves out there, my iPhone 4 seemed to attrack alot of them lately, so can I get a code to protect my baby?

I just decided that it's finally time that I start getting more active (or active at all) in my life as I edge ever closer to 30. I started earlier in the week and started working on my stamina with a running program I found online. I'd love to be able to keep track of where I've ran so I can easily plan varied routes and show friends what I've been up to!

Posted on It has always been my ibeelf that good writing like this takes research and talent. It's very apparent you have done your homework. Great job!

Just what I was looking for! I'm running every day and need an app that is able to track the distance on my routes. I also do deliveries and an app like this would help to create more efficient routes which would mean faster deliveries and save on gas. Thanks for the review. If I don't win the app, I'll probably go ahead and buy it myself! I'm a true believer of useful apps.

Started doing a lot of hiking with my kids - looks like this would be a good app to have
Thanks - skidds

I use my iPhone for geocaching and I'm tired of getting lost in the woods. This would greatly help me. Please help me!