Quick App: GQ Magazine

CoverThere is a lot of buzz around magazines coming to the iPad, what about the iPhone? GQ Magazine already has an app for that and it's rather slick. The app is free and you can buy issues with in-app purchasing for $1.99 a piece. Once the app is installed you have a store to buy your issue. The issues are quite large, so you will want to likely download them over Wi-Fi to easy your viewing pleasure.

Once you downloaded and opened an issue, you are presented with a table of contents. Tap the section you want to read. Depending on the section there are links to pictures, video and font size. Rotate your device to landscape and you are given a virtual representation of the print issue. You can use the slider on the bottom to navigate. I really like this feature, you get the best of both worlds; portrait for an optimized iPhone view and rotate for magazine view.

I am impressed with this effort on the iPhone and I am looking forward to an iPad version. Check after the break for more pics!


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Quick App: GQ Magazine


I just took a look at the app store to check it out and see that the app itself is for purchase at $2.99, not for free.

Great quick App rundown! I'm very excited at what the future holds for ePeriodicals on both the iPhone and iPad. The In-App Purchasing model seems to work particularly well for this.

It would be more compelling if there was a one-time price (say, $9.99) where users could then view all future issues OTA until the next version of the app comes out in a year (possibly a revamped app, for another $9.99) or an in-app year subscription for $9.99.
That would REEEALLY attract people.