Quick App: GriP -- Growl Notification for iPhone Jailbreak

We've expressed concern before that, with the arrival of Push Notification, the iPhone's built in alert system, especially the modal text boxes, may not be a user-friendly solution. There have been a couple creative solutions to this problem already on the Jailbreak side, but GriP takes a rather novel approach: it aims to be Growl (the well known Mac OS X global notification system - Wikipedia link) for iPhone -- hence the name.

There's a users and developers guide hosted up on Google Code and iphoneblog.de posted the video embedded above to give you a sense of how it works.

Personally, I've always found Growl to be a little "floating" for my tastes and preferred what looks like more "grounded" approaches in Google Android and especially Palm Pre, but hands down anything at this point might be better than Apple's built in version.

(via Antonioj on Twitter)

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Rene Ritchie

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Reader comments

Quick App: GriP -- Growl Notification for iPhone Jailbreak


Not as good as what Android or WebOS have to offer. But most definitely better than what Apple has in place right now.

@Vince I completely agree, but I'm not sure how the Pre is going to handle notifications.
Is there any note on the release date and how much it will cost?

Pre- like <3, except...
you can't preview the msg, just see who sent it :/. Also it doesnt work for SMS messages. Unless I am missing something? which I probably am, because i'm at work and pretty much skimmed through the description and haven't had a chance to look at all the settings.
You guys do realize the instructions are in the post??http://code.google.com/p/networkpx/wiki/GriP
Anyway...I've been waiting for something like this, definitely a good start =)

thanks for the mention Rene ;)
cool think about this, is that, according to the dev, this can be supported not only via jailbreak, but also within apple´s iphone sdk limits!
Regarding SMS, it does not work, because no one wrote an extension for it...yet. GriP dev has a 1g Ipod touch, so he really can´t test sms stuff, but he provides SDK and instructions, so i guess someone will come with it soon
By the way, i have the beta runnning fine on my jailbroken Iphone 3.0 beta 4 :)

im trying to decide whether or not to jailbreak my iphone 2g. a friend at school told me it was realy easy to do it and you can reverse it. but is there any risk at all? is it safe to use ziphone to do it. because i dont wanna buy it. she also told me you can text pics and maybe forward them. is any of that true?

there is a GRiP SMS add-on, which im currently battling with because it disables the sms tone alert..which is fine if you're starting at the phone... but when you get a text and its in your pocket, nothing.
i managed to find it on a search, its on cydia.alpden.com (perhaps questionable repo?)