Quick App: Kindle 1.1 for iPhone


Amazon has gone and updated their iPhone Kindle App [iTunes link] to version 1.1 and added in some nifty new features to boot:

  • Read in portrait or landscape mode.
  • Select alternate background and text colors to improve reading comfort in low light conditions.
  • Tap on either side of the screen or flick to turn pages.
  • Pinch to zoom images in books.

Still free but also still requiring purchases through Amazon's web-based Kindle Store, it's never the less a good point release and overall improvement. And our resident Chadman was kind enough to provide some screenshots, so check out the gallery after the break!

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Reader comments

Quick App: Kindle 1.1 for iPhone


And you can lock it in your preferred orientation by tapping on a lock/unlock icon in the lower right corner. It even does upside down portrait mode. All in all, a very nice little update- I certainly appreciate it.

have any Canadians been able to use this yet? i know ppl say that if you set up an american Amazon account you can but all my attempts say that they are unable to complete my transaction. Any help would be great. Thanks!

Stanza is pound for pound a way better application than Kindle and it doesn't require you to download books from Amazon. With Stanza desktop, you can upload any book you want to as long as it's in txt or pub form! And they had landscaped mode way before Kindle even considered it!

One of my favorite apps! Currently reading DA VINCI CODE and looking to tackle ANGELS AND DEMONS afterwards.
Stanza's a fine app too but I can't seem to find more "current" titles in it's library.

This is a great app and I am looking forward to using the newer features on my upcoming trip.
I checked the App Store on my iPhone and it said all apps were up to date even though I checked my version of Kindle and it said 1.0.
You might need to search for it in the App Store and download it again which will prompt the 1.1 changes download. (Weird)

Until Amazon allows you to get your personal content into Kindle, I'll stick with eReader, thank you very much.

@4,@8 No one says you can't have multiple readers on your phone. Kindle has its place as do the others. I've only purchased 1 Kindle book (a recent thriller), the rest are all free classics (search Amazon for Kindle books and do a low-high price sort). Sure I could probably dig up the same classics for Stanza or eReader, but it's pretty easy to find and download them on Amazon and I'm actually digging the Kindle UI.

All these new features were in the Stanza reader.
It seems that Amazon is coping the Stanza product and pasting them into Kindle, now that they have purchased Stanza.
So the Kindle UI features you claim to love are actually the Stanza features.
The next step will be the disappearance of Stanza all together, because it offers too many ways to get free or private content onto your phone without going thru Amazon.