Meebo IM for iPhone and iPod touch


It's been a long time coming, but instant messaging client, Meebo, [iTunes Link - Free] has finally made it into the App Store. The last time TiPb mentioned Meebo was back in 2008 when Chad reviewed their web app. Since then, several other IM apps have become popular. What does Meembo have to offer?

  • Push notifications even when the app is closed
  • Stay connected as you move from Edge to 3G to WiFi
  • Meebo's proven multi-network access protocols
  • Automatically reconnect if you lose coverage so you don't miss a message
  • Swipe to switch between multiple conversations
  • Rotate for landscape mode and a wider keyboard.
  • Message preview from the Chats List
  • Full Meebo emoticon support
  • Searchable Chat History
  • Sort chats by most recent or full view
  • Support for all the major IM networks, and many more

We've been using Meebo for about a week now and it is a very good effort for a 1.0 release. You can really tell the app was optimized for speed, simplicity, and performance as claimed. While the UI could use a little work, it does have all of the bells and whistles imaginable to compete with with the current crop of IM client top contenders.

Screenshots after the break!


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Reader comments

Meebo IM for iPhone and iPod touch


Got this the moment it came out and love it. does everything I need and does it fast. Clean, simple, fast, and FREE = win.

I have had a Meebo account for years and was very happy to see this app. Very nice as already stated - and free. I dropped eBuddy right after I used this the first time. And its free!

I have been using it for a few days's very buggy IMO...I add people but they come up as offline when they're actually online. Also the app crashes a lot as well. Also missing pic/vid sharing which is something a lot of other All-In-One IM clients have. So right now I'm kind of disappointed in Meebo especially after being in awe after their demo last year at the 3.0 OS Preview.

Wow this is great. It starts up very fast. Push is fast. I own BeeJive but the startup speed is horrible. I also wish BeeJive have a longer login expiration. I don't send IMs that often so 7 days doesn't cut it. I am curious how long Meebo stays logged in. I wish it supported multiple locations with MSN. But none of the IM apps suport this that I know of.

Wow. I remember when they announced they were developing a Meebo app when 3.0/push notifications was announced. It's about time lol.

I downloaded it about a half hour ago and used it while I was on a call. It was alerting me with badges every time the other person sent a message. It worked pretty good as far as I can see. I can't comment on battery drainage since I've only been using it for a short period of time but it seems head and shoulders above many of the other IM's I've used, including Fring.

its very very buggy now, it crash when u register, then when i put the iphone in landscape it also crashd!. and cannot see the display pics of my contacts U_U

It's nice, it's light, and it integrates well with Meebo in your browser. This is perfect for me and the solution I've been hoping for. Multiple MSN login locations isn't a problem now since I use meebo on my iphone, and meebo off my iphone.
I like that it's faster, since i've only got a 3G still.. I've found push notifications to be a bit dodgy so far, and I think i'd like to be able to turn off the 'feature' of suppressing push notifications when you're logged in through the browser interface too.
I don't need too many more features, but a couple that would be real nice:
1) Favourites list (I hate scrolling through all my contacts for the couple I usually use)
2) Sounds. So far I don't seem to get any sounds, just a vibrate when my phone is NOT set to vibrate. Also sounds should play when I get a message and the app is already running.
Most of all, you can't beat free. I'm done with Beejive for now :)

I've given it a go around, I'm going to try again later tomorrow. All and all not bad. However, its got nothing on Trillian, which is my current drug of choice. What it really needs is to fix the log in issues, and then maybe it can topple trillian on my home screen. otherwise, not going to happen.

Nice phone you can communicate by using internet but the speed of the connections to the internet is working properly?

@Atomic Popcorn: what do you mean? It doesn't take any more battery than other apps. It doesn't run in the background and gets it's notification from the iPhone push system, so it doesn't use any power when it's not open. That is the beautiful thing about push vs backgrounding.

There is one thing Meebo does that the other multiple service IMs cannot, and the reason I love it. Chatting sessions via Meebo on the desktop is completely transferable with the iPhone. So I can be chatting with people on the desktop and just pick up on the iPhone without missing a beat because it has every message sent to and from.
With beejive and im , logging in on the desktop disconnects iPhone service so I constantly have to play the reconnect game. With this all your devices can be charting at the same time.

Really want this to work for me. I currently use Beejive, but only because Meebo dragged it's feet for so long. I was a long-time Meebo user of their desktop software and loved it! Only real problem I have right now is that I cannot setup my AIM account. Keeps timing out. No AIM = no free SMS. :( Until that gets fixed I'll stick with Beejive.
PS-I downloaded version 1.1 this AM. Did not resolve my account setup issue. Have not heard back from Meebo support either.

I love it. the aim is great , the yahoo is good ( except i dont think it can do image transfer ). It's fast and easy.
I actually thought mebo had an app for the iPhone a while back but i guess not.

Meebo customer support just replied to me by email. They said it will keep you logged in for 24 hours after you close the app. They are looking into extending that time period.

Personally Im big fan of digsby over meebo.. Coz I started that one earlier.. But seems like I need to kick digsby as meebo going to stay in my iphone :)

I installed meebo for iPhone and it comes out to be one hell of software.. Now its on my list of must have iPhone application.

Meebo is pretty handy to have on the iphone. But now that windows phone 7 is coming out, i'd like to see them make a version for that as well. I'm getting one as soon as it comes out!