Quick App: Ngmoco Launches Star Defense for iPhone

Ngmoco takes classic gaming concepts and genres, re-interprets them for the iPhone, and then makes them look better than anyone can believe an iPhone game can look. Star Defense, a galaxy-spanning take on tower defense, is no exception.

Shown off yesterday during the WWDC 2009 keynote, not only does Star Defense let you travel from planet to planet, touch, spin, and zoom your way around, deploy your firepower, and try to keep ahead of the deadly hoards of S'rath out to harshen your tower's mellow, but it lets you challenge your friends over Facebook or Twitter for extra fun.

Star Defense is available now [$5.99 - iTunes link]

When iPhone 3.0 launches on June 17, Star Defense will use in-app purchases for expansion packs. For $2.99, for example, you can buy another galaxy of planets. A Plus Network will also allow for network play, leader-boards, and other online gaming features.

I had a chance to try the pre-release version out during the media tournament, and even though I didn't fare to well in the rankings, I had skads of fun.

Think you can out score me? (Yeah, I do too...)

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Quick App: Ngmoco Launches Star Defense for iPhone


Dear René, it really would be so refreshing if you read your posts before, well, you posted them. Just take it easy, dude: you don't have to race to produce entries by the ton every day. Sit back and relax. And while you are at it. make these corrections to this post -- to show you really care about your readers and the English language:
... you can another galaxy of planets -- you can buy another galaxy of planets
... I didn’t fair to well -- I didn’t fare too well
Got it?

I wonder if the average gamer would become bored of this game before or after buying more planets...?
It will probably take something more like an Everquest sort of game to hold attention long enough to exhort more money out of people.
The platform is too limited for first person shooters to be anything but a novelty. The networking too slow for many other games.
That leaves game designed for dial-up.

What's that Diabloesque game on the guided tour video on Apple's site? (around 1:44). Is it out yet? Looks great!

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