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James Thomson wrote in to tell us about PCalc 1.7 [$9.99 - iTunes link], and as usual, the prose is almost as good as the app. Almost.

One year ago, as the doors of the iPhone App Store first opened to the public, PCalc was there. One of only four hundred applications available, and a mere handful of calculators. Now, there are more than sixty-five thousand applications in the store, and calculators are second only to Twitter clients in terms of near-pestilential ubiquitousness.

Metaphorgeddon aside, while we mentioned the new version already, after using it for the day, it was obvious it deserved a closer look. Here are the updates again:

  • Faster startup!
  • Three and four-line display modes, including complete control over what appears on each line.
  • Multiple-memory support.
  • Optional HP48-style RPN behaviour.
  • Much nicer number display with the "Easier To Read" digits option. It's now actually easier to read!

It is indeed. I'm not a mathmagician like Leanna, but this really is the built-in calculator on Hulk-serum. Check out the screenshots after the break, and if you give PCalc 1.7 a try, let us know what you think!

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Quick App: PCalc 1.7


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it's fine if your cool with the developer and wanna help out, but who frikkin cares about a calculator app? I'm glad it exists for some, but definitley not news worthy

Dude, its a scientific calculator which wasnt present yet as far a i know. So who cares if its an advertisment, the app is cool and usefull for university students.

I'm a university student. Already got a ti30x, ti80, and a Sharp calculator. Why would I want to use my iPhone as a calculator? It's clumsy and a waste of money...I think most of my friends and peers would agree.

It's not an advertisement, if it were it would be labeled as "sponsored post".
It's a great app though, and we're big fans of great apps, and we'll keep posting as many Quick Apps as time and interest level allows.
Love. Up.

This truly a great app. If you know anybody that carries a calculator and a phone, this is a great solution. A great calculator for a low price. I just looked and all reviews of the current version are five stars. So it is not just my view.