Quick App: QWERTY 5-Row Keyboard for Jailbreak

Tired of hitting the 123 key to toggle on the numeric keyboard? Well, obviously some ingenious iPhone hacker was and whipped up this interesting little Jailbreak app to change the standard 4-row virtual keyboard into a five row with numbers surfaced right on top (or symbols, if you tap the shift key).

Want to grab it? Gizmodo (via iPhone Hacks) says you can find it under "5-Row QWERTY Keyboard" in Cydia"

Should Apple consider changing their own virtual keyboard to be more like this 5-row? Or are the keys on the 4-row already small enough?

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Rene Ritchie

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Reader comments

Quick App: QWERTY 5-Row Keyboard for Jailbreak


I agree with Jason, unless they make use of more of the screen, adding another row makes a marginal keyboard way too tight.

I already have annoying issues when pressing the delete button and hitting the (m) key and when pressing space , i hit the (v or b) key. The keys are too close together on that hack.

I actually wish there was a hack to make the spacebar taller or more spaced from the bottom. I hit b, v, or n so many times trying to hit space. This hack might make the problem worse.

I don't want it changed. It's - for me - perfect exactly how it is right now. I have a bit larger than normal thumbs so anything smaller would hinder typing.
Wonder if they could do this in landscape, though. That would be interesting to see.

I've tried this. Almost impossible to type. It works in landscape but even there the keys are smaller than in the standard portrait keyboard. This may be good for preteen though.

I installed this and due to having Clippy installed (I think) - it didnt work + quite a few others on another forum have had problems with it... I tried removing it and there are still parts of it left (eg when pressing the globe button 5 row QWERTY flashes up still meaning a couple of button presses to get into the emoji), also in the settings there is still the settings option for it (even though it is meant to be uninstalled)...
WORST of all tho...! Clippy NO LONGER WORKS!! :(:( Ive tried reinstalling it and its still not working... I'm worried I'm going to have to reset my iPhone and rejailbreak, install apps again, set up everything...

I wish apple would allow typing SMS in landscape mode. I find the current keyboard is too small so having an extra line for numbers would make the problem worse

@ Neil,
I am not having any issues with Clippy after installing the 5 Row Keyboard.
The only issue is that I cant use custom keyboards via winterboard.
but clippy works fine for me.

@ukboy- if you jailbreak there is a brilliant SMS app that allow portrait and landscape as well as a few other features that the legit SMS app doesn't allow. It's worth it.

yeah, Im not 100% sure it is Clippy, I was just thinking it may have something to do with it as Clippy has stopped working since I installed 5-row.. its a pity as Clippy was great...!

I love it for typing passwords that have numbers in it.
There is a button, that is locate on the keyboard layout, to switch between keyboards when you got more than one enabled too, so its not to hard to go back to regular English one.

Developer should definitely provide users option to modify/edit/customize the 5th row. I think its a brilliant idea, but I mean who the hell uses @#$%^&*() all that often? If we could customize that row, it would be AWESOME!

i looked everywhere and could not find the question mark key... does this developer not ask questions or something? at all?