Quick App: Rolando 2 Quest for the Golden Orchid for iPhone

Rolando 2 Quest for the Golden Orchid [$9.99 - iTunes link], available now for the iPhone (and iPod touch) shows that Ngmoco not only takes great gaming concepts and beautifully renders them on the iPhone, but that they can make those great concepts and renders even better.

New gameplay includes a 3D stylized world, driving, swimming, and flying, and -- now the Rolandos can fight back!

The first Rolando game won TiPb's Editor's Choice Award last time around, how does the new one stack up? If you give it a try, let us know!

Rene Ritchie

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KORG says:

It's states that this game for 3.0 only and that 2.2 is coming
that's interesting...

ScottUrman says:

Just downloaded it, I've been waiting!

Omari James says:

I was gonna download Rolando last night but I wanted to wait but now I'm downloading Rolando 2 as I type. I liked the Lite version. This is worth my 9.99 =]

GreenLightJerky says:

This game is great. The developers really know how to do it. They added a bunch of levels to the original Rolando after it's release. The production values are Big! Is this the first true sequel on the iPhone too?

Hakala says:

I believe so GreenLightJerky. Unless you include TapTap Revenge and TapTap Revenge 2. But that could really be a toss up.

Andrew says:

Don't forget Dizzy Bee 2, guys...

kanana says:

There is new funny game that I found this week. The game is a pretty simple, but I like that little bird flying under the clouds.) The game name is iHawky. Here it is: http://itunes.com/apps/iHawky