Quick App: Sonic the Hedgehog for iPhone


Okay, yeah, I rocked a Sega Genesis back in the day, which is perhaps not coincidentally the last platform where Sonic the Hedgehog was really done well. (Sorry, it needed to be said).

Can the iPhone version [$5.99 - iTunes link] make me eat those words, or at least spin me around on them faster than Yoda in a lightsaber duel? Let's see, Sega does say it'll make me relive my fondest memories from the Genesis era...

  • Blast through Seven Zones including classics as Green Hill Zone and Labyrinth Zone, as well as the Special Stages in an attempt to collect the Chaos Emeralds!

  • Classic 2-D Sonic experience on the go for the first time on the iPhone and iTouch!

  • Pick-up-and-play accessibility: Play in Full Screen or classic “Arcade” look and play with just the touch of a button.

If you give it a try, let me know what you think!

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Reader comments

Quick App: Sonic the Hedgehog for iPhone


Wait until Sega updates it. Controls are not as responsive as they need to be. It could also perform better, frame can drop at times.

Finally a game worth paying for :)
I dissagree with the above statement. I thought sonic adventure for the dreamcast was pretty good. :)

As someone has already stated, it does not run well yet. It is not nearly as smooth as the jailbroken Sega emulator app is when it runs the very same game.

I bought this as soon as I saw this and it's amazing.
Unfortunately it suffers from a touchscreen D-Pad. This is a no-no in so many ways. You can't feel the controls, duh... It leaves you constantly referring back to the screen to realign your finger.
Aside from this, though, it plays well enough for an initial release, especially knowing updates will come and make it all better.

Omg yet another reason why the iphone owns all let's see how long it takes to get top gun or sonic on the pre....

Has SEGA released any other games on the iPhone? Have they updated any of those? If the controls are off a bit and an update is probably needed, I would just like to know if SEGA will actually update it... or does SEGA just release and then they are done...

Am I the only one who hate when the games use accelerometer when they could've used the on screen controls (preferably the D-Pad) ??

Nooooo not in the uK store yet, I cannot wait! sooo excited!
Ive not been this excited about a game since EA said they had Clue in the works. I love Cluedo even more than Sonic

The game is great as far as the appeal of the old Sonic, but as it has been said in reviews and on here, the frame rate is poor. If they can fix the frame rate and the response of the controls, then the game will be a 5/5 for sure.
I hope they come out with Sonic 2 because that one is definitly better than the first. :)