Quick App: Spotify Music Subscriptions for iPhone (Europe Only)

Spotify [Free with premium subscription - iTunes link] is now available for iPhone (and iPod touch) is now available -- if you live in the UK, Sweden, Spain, France, Norway or Finland.

According to Spotify, if you live in those countries and have a premium subscription, you can enjoy:

  • Access to millions of tracks with Spotify’s constantly updated catalogue
  • Search and stream music instantly. Browse by artist, title, album, genre, label or year
  • Create and synchronise playlists. Updates from the desktop application will be synced instantly and vice versa
  • Playlists can be downloaded and played in offline mode when you have no connection, are on a plane or subway, or abroad and subject to roaming data fees
  • Listen to tracks and albums in their entirety. Rewind, fast-forward, pause, skip and shuffle
  • View cover art for all tracks and albums

So, if you live in one of those countries, and have a premium account, and an iPhone or iPod touch (list long enough yet?) and you try out the Spotify App, let us know how it works for you!

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There are 18 comments. Add yours.

Rob says:

It's brilliant almost instant on 3g and wifi and about 5 second wait on edge. Offline works well too and downloads the songs fast. Well worth the subscription

Al says:

In offline mode it's similar to an iPod. I'm pleasantly surprised they allowed this app. I wish they would allow the free version to be used with the app though.

Tom says:

Works just like the video. Litterally instant syncing of playlists and the quality of the music is much better than any other streaming app.
Just knocked Last.fm of my dock i think!

Fringgo says:

This sounds awesome but it's too bad it's not availible in the US. Hopefully we will have Rhapsody soon in the US.

Granny Coder says:

Hello dear,
this application looks cool! I am European so I am gonna try it. Thanks for tip!

iBlackdude says:

No thanks.
Option 1 listening to my 3000's + songs from my iPod.
Option 2 iheart Radio
nonsense to purchase a premium pas :(

John says:

Love it! Is a must for sure! Happily pay 10 pound for this service!

Justin Leon says:

This needs to come to the USA!
Until then its last fm!

daniel says:

heart radio? haha

icebike says:

I don't see me using this even if it was available in the US.
I can use Pandora to try out new music. I can use Last.FM or DI.FM to sample genres.
I don't rent music. I refuse to rent music.
Save your money and buy the songs or rip your CDs.

BrendanS says:

The app works a treat. Only gripe is it cannot play in the background while browsing or carrying out other tasks (not a surprise, but it would be nice).
It is renting music. It will take me some getting used to, but I think for the price of one CD per month, 4 million tracks is worth it. I'm confident that if this service dies, there will be a replacement.

BrendanS says:

PS Works in Ireland, but you have to download the app from UK iTunes store.

Wonderwebb says:

£10 per month rip off ! No way hosay

icebike says:

Apparently there is still some stuttering while streaming on 3G in many areas.
[http://technology.timesonline.co.uk/tol/news/techandweb/gadgetsandgaming/article6825426.ece TimesOnLine]

iBamse says:

Well worth every penny/nickle/dime/whatever!
Running it in the background on my 3Gs while writing this on that same device. Using "backgrounder" to enable it to multitask it is simultaneously wirelessly syncing a couple of hundred songs while streaming non synced music to my bluetooth headset.
This is definitely the start of a new era in portable music. Well done Spotify!

icebike says:

Second attempt at url:http://technology.timesonline.co.uk/tol/news/techandweb/gadgetsandgaming/article6825426.ece

icebike says:

I give up.....
DEITER: Fix the damn blog software so we can post url's that have Underscores!!!

GingaNinja says:

It's awesome! I've become a premium subscriber in order to use it, and now I have removed most of my itunes tracks off my iphone so that I can download more Spotify tracks. Now itunes is just good for keeping my non spotify tracks - ie AC/DC, Led Zep, Pink Floyd and The Beatles.