Quick App: TextExpander for iPhone


TextExpander touch [$1.99 on sale, $4.99 after Sept. 9 - iTunes link], is the iPhone (and iPod touch) version of Mac favorite TextExpander, an app that takes short bursts of text and expands them (get the name?) into longer passages.

TUAW has the details, especially on how the lack of background multitasking for 3rd party apps means the iPhone versions works (and works around) a limitation it doesn't face on the desktop.

Check it out and let us know what you think. Or let TextExpander embiggen your thoughts. What'evs.

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Rene Ritchie

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Quick App: TextExpander for iPhone


@AJ - I would not recommend that if you have a 3G. The lack of memory and perhaps a battery with a little bit more wear will not perform well. I experienced a lot of stability issues that are not worth the extra apps that you get in return. Just my opinion.

So you can type /tipb and have "The iPhone Blog" appear in the window.
As if anyone here is verbosity challenged. :-/

@Al - Although I appreciate and support you trying to make suggestions to help people have the best experience they can, this is a pet peeve of mine. I do have a 3GS now, but I had my 3G jailbroken for a very long time. Jailbreaking itself does not lower the available memory or stability of the phone. If the user is able to show restraint in what jailbreak apps they install, they will not have any problems even on a 2G.
Memory issues begin to appear when users have 100 apps installed that hook into processes which need to constantly be running and/or updating. Big elaborate themes, constantly updating weather icons, starwars unlock sounds, and big bloated buggy memory hogs like Intelliscreen. If you're careful, you won't have any problems at all. If you begin to notice things slowing down, remove the last app you installed.
Your point is still partially valid, though. This is exactly why Apple doesn't just flat out allow jailbreaking. With the apps allowed in the appstore, you can download and install all 65000 of them if you want and things won't break. When you start allowing more low level system calls and start letting things run in the background, the user needs to be able to show restraint and/or have an understanding of what exactly is going on. Many many users just aren't that technically knowledgable to be able to make well informed decisions in that regard.

To add to brian's comment even if you just install a bunch of random apps and background them, over time you will learn your phones limitation and effectively manage your/it's usage. Using the force quit option to fully kill the backround process, or the free memory app in the app store. This is perfect for the "open app and forget it person." You run this hit free memory and closes processes that are not being used. There are others that work just aswell. Otherwise understand what you own!!! You'll be glad you do. Back on topic... This app I don't see the intrigue....Very niche based. Not mainstreamed at all.