Quick App: Textfree 3.0 with Push Notification for iPhone


Pinger fulfills the longstanding demand for SMS-style alerts with iPhone 3.0-style support for Push Notifications in the aptly named Textfree 3.0 ($5.99 - iTunes link).

What does that buy you? One year of free text messages for the iPhone (and iPod touch!). With support for every U.S. mobile carrier, including AT&T, Verizon Wireless, Sprint, T-Mobile, Alltel, and others, if the idea of paying Big Telco big money for incredibly small amounts of text doesn't appeal to you, check out Textfree 3.0 and let us know what you think!

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Reader comments

Quick App: Textfree 3.0 with Push Notification for iPhone


I really liked this app before the update. Though the update offers great new things (the long-awaited push notifications, for example), it has also gotten ridiculously slower in this update. I can send text messages just fine, but I will not receive a reply until three hours has passed (not joking at all). I'm sure that this will be easily fixed (and soon!).

How is this any different than sending someone an email? Looking at their website, it says you get assigned an email adress rather than incorporating your phone number. I would want this to take the place of my text messages via my phone number, not a new email.

will push also work for unlocked t-mobile iphone? im using text free and never get push notifications what is happening i saw pingers text free tweet and they say its at&t thats having issues anybody now anything about this?

I have not noticed it being TOO slow-sometimes 3 minutes for as message or so.
That is okay with me though! Saving me $30/month (2 iphones). TOTALLY worth it.
I have been using it since the 2.2.X version-now that it pushes it has to be one of the killer apps out there.
Anything that keeps me from giving AT$T any more of my money makes me smile :)

Other then it being 5.99 what is the advantage of using this app if you already have the $30.00 unlimited text messaging?

Simply Horrible! Texts take hours to get delivered, and if your using your iphone contacts it will send a default email instead of a text/ if sending a text to another iphone it will be delivered as an email, not a text. I guess if it sounds too good to be true, it isn't! I sure wish it would work, but it does not.

Hi All,
I am CTO at Pinger.
Like many of you noted, we had some problems with latency with replies from Thursday 6/18 to Saturday 6/20 at 6pm. Now all is back to normal. A server mis-configuration created random latency in processing of replies...
David wrote:
"I guess if it sounds too good to be true, it isn’t! I sure wish it would work, but it does not."
Your opinion is duly noted, however I am mystified by your comment. Have you really tried Textfree? We allow you to send and receive text messages to/from most mobile phones in the US. This is NOT email.
betobenaH (June 20th, 2009 at 3:57 pm) says:
will push also work for unlocked t-mobile iphone?
Good question. Have you upgraded to OS 3.0? Since it works with iPod Touch on any WIFI network, it is quite possible that it will work for you. Please post a reply if you are able to make it work. I am curious.
Pinger, CTO

I have a jailbroken, unlocked iphone 3.0 on T-Mobile. I haven't been able to get any push notification with TextFree much to my dismay. Please let me know if there is anything special that I need to do! I have activated all types of notifications for the app (excluding the old email way) but still nothing has worked. Please let me know as soon as possible, seeing as I really would like to get started with the new and improved TextFree!

I just pulled TextFree today. It seems to work very well. I tried texting between 2 IPhones and and a IPhone Touch. All push notifications work as advertised. All messages were received quickly and the push notification is excellent. You can even open Textfree from the notification displayed via Push. I'm going to wait a couple of days to confirm that no messages were sent via SMS. If everything truly went through Textfree, I will have no problem shelling out $12 for two licenses.
Paying $6 per year seems reasonable to me. Try it out, there's little to lose.

A lot of people dont receive my messages.
It was working fine on os 2.1 but since I upgraded to os 3.0, It doesnt work well.

I bought Textfree Unlimited and I think its a step in the right direction, but let's be clear: It is a "text through email service." I found out this shortcoming when my friends cannot text me because their older phones only support texting to a telephone number.

@Kris LeGreca
I'm sorry to let you down bug textfree doesn't use email in any way. It uses the Internet connection to send SMS similar to the way you can text people with AIM. Your obviously easily confused by this because the address that textfree allows u to create is for phones WITH MMS. So they can send you free messages. Only phones with MMS can send and receive messages from email type addresses. For example an AT&T customers MMS email address would be 5551231122@att.mms.net. You can't send to someone with text free unless your phone has MMS or your sending a message from the textfree app from an iPhone. So text free can send SMS go any phone but can only receive SMS from other iPhones using textfree. You have to enter and confirm your number so iPhone users using textfree can send a message go others using textfree just by sending it to there regular number. I use text free as my main testing application and haven't experienced any lag in messages at all. This is one of if not the best money savers in the app store. If your not a heavy texter I recomend using AIM or TextPlus because you still have the great push notification feature and SMS for FREE.

Ever since I upgraded my iPod from 2.2.1 to os 3.0 my text messages were never recieved. It was working fine on 2.2.1. Why is this? Does anyone else have this problem?

I have same problem as others. Textfree was always good but now that i expected it to be better with push notifications, it hasnt. It takes at least 20 minutes or more to finally tell me if i got a text with my itouch on and on sleep mode. I dont understand y it doesnt work and its disappointing.

Im really liking TextFree... BUT
the first time i downloaded and the push setting popped out, i clicked "not now".. now none of my TextFree texts are being pushed thru... i made sure that it was on in "Notifications"
deleted, downloaded it again, got a new login, but it never asked me again...
Does anyone know how to solve this?

Recently downloaded the update and FINALLY, they have brought out themes!!
However, my push notifications have stopped working until today, I recieved a push notification from 2 days ago.
I really love this app, and with the themes! This has been my main SMS app, but the push notifications problem is disapointing. I really hope they fix this issue soon, I think textfree is/was the best app on the market before this push problem.
I'm sure they'll address this issue soon.

.... also I know it's only textfree app that has the problem. All my other apps have been functioning with push notifications just fine.

i just did the upgrade (the one that requires a password) and now i cannot connect to a textfree server! anyone else have this issue?

I love textfree but I have a minor problem if it is a problem at all. I apply the new themes that are available (which are awesome!) but it seems the themes never get applied properly. Everytime I come back to textfree, the themes seem to be reset back to default pinger theme. Is anyone else going through this? It's just an inconvenience to keep switching the themes. Any suggestions?

I have 3GS with 3.1 but I don't get the alert when I received a text. Anyone knows what's going on? I have entered my cellphone # and registered.

this app is great, i have been using it for a few month already without a problem UNTIL a few weeks ago...I stop receiving sms ... i can send sms but i'm not getting any reply..eventhough people are replaying as usual..any idea?..

It was fine on my ipod touch os 3.1 but now that I switched to iPhone I'm no longer getting push notification and now I can't seem to get any new messages until I open the app.

I love this app. I txt my friends 24/7....I tried to make another account, but then realized that I wanted all my contacts back, but it won't let me go back to my old one, it's says the "Pinger Service" is having a conecting error, and also "Please try again later" I've tried many times and it still won't open!

I bought the app and a pirate thing keeps popping up and it sends me to safarithen to the app store why is it doin this