Quick App: TruPhone 3.0 VoIP for iPhone

TruPhone let us know that they've updated their iPhone VoIP app to version 3.0 and called up some major enhancements along the way. Among them:

  • TruPhone, previously a WebApp, has now gone native for better speed and performance
  • It's new UI makes the app much slicker - specifically the integrated IM functionality
  • Oh, and the call quality has been "radically improved"

Other highlights include:

integrated messaging tool unifies all IM communities in a single place, meaning users can manage all their IM communication from a single page within the application - eliminating the need to constantly jockey between different applications or even different pages within an application. IM services currently supported include Skype, MSN Messenger, AIM, Yahoo! Messenger and Google Talk.

TruPhone 3.0 is available, for FREE, via the iTunes App Store.

Drop us a note in the comments and let us know how it works for you!

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Rene Ritchie

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Reader comments

Quick App: TruPhone 3.0 VoIP for iPhone


Doesn't support the speakerphone function. Worthless to me. Too bad since basic calling does work pretty well.

I downloaded and tried it and was shocked to see that TruPhone had accessed my Skype account and changed my personal mood message to an advertisement for TruPhone. I wrote to them and they said that they would only insert their message into a blank mood message which is still a violation of our privacy and trust. I've deleted it and am sorry to see a promising product violate my trust.

Has worked well for me ... speaker phone would be cool and useful - integrated IM is a huge improvement - prefer it to fring .... fring, IM+ and some other clients all set your mood message too ... doesnt bother me

I agree with Vincent. It is not cool to hijack my Skype mood message to SPAM my friends about your product.
Truphone is now deleted from my iPhone!

I need a voip that can foward my calls to my phone while I have no reception but do have access to wifi. The buildings at work have the ability to render cell phones useless....but that could change if I could just get my damn calls forwarded.

I tried to download this app from iTunes App Store and got a message that it is currently unavailable for US download. What the heck is Apple doing, when AT&T has said it is OK to use VOIP over the 3G network?