Quick App: UniWar Turn-Based Strategy Game

screenshot_1UniWar [$4.99 - iTunes link] is a turn-based strategy game for the iPhone and iPod touch that provides a great challenge and three races to choose from.

UniWar is quite the little gem of a strategy game. You have four modes of play: Online, Campaign, Solo and Vs. and three species to choose from: Sapiens, Titans and Khraleans. The variety of  units is very diverse. You have units that can bury them selves underground and move a space at a time to units that can teleport across the screen. One of the great things I enjoy about this game is the plethora of maps you have to play; 50+!!! That is plenty to keep me busy. As of this writing, I have only played about 10 maps, so I have a long way to go!

This game is very polished and I have lost many hours playing it. If you like StarCraft, this is an excellent diversion to keep you busy. The developers are quite active in delivering updates (they are up to 1.0.4 already). They have also added the little extra touches that can make a difference such as the ability to play in portrait or landscape in real-time; just rotate your iPhone. Nice.

When you play online you register on the UniWar website and it keeps track of your stats and even has a ladder to see your ranking. You also have the ability to save multiple active games and resume them at your leisure.

If I were to mention some areas of improvement it would be the AI's time to play; it can be lengthy at times (I once waited 20 seconds). Though trivial, I think with the modern hardware of the iPhone, that the AI can be sped up a bit for mobile gaming. Also, though the graphics are good, the animation appeared to be a bit jerky. Perhaps this could be improved with more animations per unit. If i had to guess, there are only a few frames of animation each. The fluidity of movements would make the play that much more immersive.

Overall, if you like Sci-Fi turn-based stragatey games, this is a steal at $4.99! Check it out now! Sreenshots after the break!


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Joseph says:

Looks like the price has dropped to $2.99 since this post went up. Fun game!

Chris Vitek says:

I actually downloaded this to review. It's fun!

Chris Vitek says:

We still need Settlers of Catan though.

Devster says:

CATAN was announced just recently.

dc says:

This looks like a rip-off of Sean O'Connor's Slay, also in the app store.

mofoman69us says:

This game is ok. It doesnt really do any justice to the iPhone and its ability to support turn based war...
PS. Can't wait for CATAN!

SweetShellyy G says:

hey looking for nice guys to chat i have a cam too

BB Commander says:

If you like Uniwar then you probably should also check out BattleBotz, www.battlebotz.com, which is similar in concept and very graphic intensive.

Gerald Stassinos says:

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