Quick App Update: PushMail 2.0 Email Push Notification for iPhone

PushMail [$2.99 - iTunes link] has just gone 2.0. For those unfamiliar with PushMail, its a middleapp that creates an account for you to forward email, and when it's alerted to that new email, it sends out a push notification to your iPhone. New features this time around include:

  • 25 sound options
  • Set silent periods (e.g. during the time you typically sleep)
  • History, to view past notifications
  • Customize notifications (choose what info you want to display, and what you want to keep private).
  • View button to open message in PushMail, Mail, or Safari
  • Configuration help and trouble-shooting
  • Profiles to let you override certain settings based on specific criteria. (e.g. don't push any email from the mother-in-law!)

Both the history and the profiles options sound terrific. For those who want GoogleSync-style push Gmail but are already using their only ActiveSync slot for Exchange, this is another option.

If you try it out, let us know what you think!

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Reader comments

Quick App Update: PushMail 2.0 Email Push Notification for iPhone


Thus far when I receive a new email, and click on VIEW, it opens my mail app to create a NEW email, rather than showing me the incoming email.
I've emailed the support department to see what gives. Besides that, I like the choices for notifications/sounds etc :)

Re: Ivan Williams
The issue where the Mail app opens to a new message screen is a known issue within the iPhone OS and affects all of the push notification apps for email.

I use this app only to see what my emails are about then I decide if I want to open them. Kinda like when you recieve an SMS.

I was using 1.0 prior to gmail providing the native Active Sync push. I really tried to use Active Sync, but battery life dropped significantly, couldn't search server email as well as with imap, and it just wasn't very stable (gmail was having known issues during parts of the time when I was testing though).
I highly recomend this app - I like being able to change the sound (it is very hard to hear the system sound when phone is in pocket.)
IMAP seems to work much better and more reliable - uses the new search of the 3.0 software better (by allowing you to search entire server).

... and profiles are awesome- you can set different alert sounds, sleep hours, and alert notification text based on text in the from, to or subject line, so you can have unique alerts for diferent email accounts, from diferent senders, and for diferent topics. Nice...

I have used this from day 1, very reliable...the developer was very quick to respond with questions. Every issue I had with it initially, with the 2.0 update, was fixed and than some. I have my active sync slot filled right now, so this was the next best option. Highly recommended

On the history setting, can you read a long email (size example copy/paste of one page of microsoft WORD fully written) on the pushmail app?? After you click the arrow button, you can read the entire mail or you need to go to gmail website to read everything??

I really like this app. The developer is indeed quick to respond. 2.0 really delivers. Everything working well for me. 5 Stars.

Can someone explain why this is needed?
I have two email accounts that I use, one is my work (Exchange ActiveSync), and my private account (Gmail IMAP), both which sync (and push) to the iPhone's native email reader, so why would I need a third party product to do what the iPhone does natively?
Is this for versions other than the 3GS?