Quick App Updates: BeeJive IM for iPhone Goes 3.1 with Group Chat and Meta Chat

BeeJive IM [$9.99 - iTunes link] for iPhone and iPod touch has just gone 3.1 and now includes group chats (on IM services that support the feature, AIM, Yahoo!, GTalk, MSN), and meta chats (allows you to merge contacts with multiple IM services into a consolidated stream -- So Bob's AIM and Bob's Gtalk just show up under Bob).

We've been testing out the beta for a while but now that 3.1 is live, we'll be able to test it much more extensively and provide updated results as soon as we have them. Meanwhile, if you get a gaggle of chatters all grouped up together, give it a while and let us know how it works for you!

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Reader comments

Quick App Updates: BeeJive IM for iPhone Goes 3.1 with Group Chat and Meta Chat


@Mailia after commenting I have read the post if that make me less usefull? And by the way what is the use of urs here?

The updates seems very good, my IM now seems to startup faster everytime i open it when i stay logged on.

I am still wondering how the group chat thing works, can you initiate a group chat or only join an existing one? Anyone shed any light on this?

It only works if someone invites you, I believe, but I know for a fact you can invite people to an existing groupchat through beejive.

I still wish that instead of adding new features they would have perfected what they have. Beejive since 3.0 has been slow and unresponsive. This update seems to improve that some but not enough. It still lags and is unresponsive when simply trying to load into a chat window. The reconnection process is still somewhat painful. I hope they get the app back to 100% and soon.

@Firesign i think it still too expensive. Even when im aware it shouldnt have to be .99 or free because of its complex programation push 24/7.

I got IM first, but it was too slow, even sometime I reply by SMS or email instead. Beejive is fast and reliable. Eventhough IM has more features, but really what's the use if it takes too long to load.

Now if they could just update the msn client side to upgrade to the newest version of the protocool that allows for multiple concurrent sign on ( ie signed on to desktop, laptop, and iPhone at same time)

Newbie to Beejive IM. I use it under MSN sign in, but can anyone tell me why it is that my Yahoo buddies that are integrated into MSN will allow them to send me chats, but my replies don't ever get to their end? Or am I doing something wrong. It bugs me because they can see me online and may think I'm ignoring their IM's. Thank ahead on any replies.

@BT I used to hate loading a chat window due to the lag on the original phone. Tried Beejive on my friend's 3G and all the lag was the same. Got a 3GS and Beejive runs flawlessly! All the lag has gone, loading chats is fast and the connect time is cut in half (last point may be me not being used to running on 3G). Could that be the problem?

Huge issue with logging into Facebook chat! It's giving a lot of people constant bogus error messages and completely failing to log into facebook chat. This app runs poorly and is way over priced consider how many bugs it has. There is still no MySpace IM buddy list, it still constantly disconnects at random even on strong and reliable wi-fi, still gets tons of bogus errors, still slow to log in and out, still freezes, push notifications still don't work well. I'm on a 3GS with it's RAM always monitored and free'd up, and always running latest OS version. I've deleted and reninstalled Beejive many times now with no luck, and yes I've restarted the phone. Lots of reviews in the app store, including mine, are complaining about these issues. Like one of the people on here said, instead on creating nifty icons and updating the UI, they should focus on the software and it's problems. Can't believe they have the nerve to charge $10 for an app that runs like it's the first stage of beta testing. Beejive's developers are lame, evident by this latest "update."