Quick App: Whack It: Frogs for the iPhone

Patrik Aronsson let us know that MadInSweden has released their first iPhone game, Whack It: Frogs, intended to deliver a high level of graphics, music, and sound enjoyment. Why target the iPhone? According to Patrik:

The capacity and the possibilities inherent in the iPhone platform is just wonderful. The benefit of having the possibilty to execute a good idea without having to compromise is a thrill. Your own time is the only limitation

If you try it out, be sure to let us know what you think!

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Rene Ritchie

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Quick App: Whack It: Frogs for the iPhone


Not a paid advertisement "ted". The dev took the time to write to us and tell us about their app, and we respect devs who go out of their way (and their PR bubbles) to reach users, so we took the time to post.
If we advertise, we'll always label it as such. (Would that trolls would be so considerate! :) )

Have fun with that Steve, while we play games on our iPhone. This game is in fact fun. I got tired of it after a while, but whenever I go back, it's still fun. Just not for long periods of time, which seems to be the biggest problem with games on the iPhone.

Hey Ted, are you related to the moron who told me that I was being paid by Nokia because I happened to dare suggest that the paper specs of the N97 were better than the iPhone?
I'm getting really fed up with people who think they know it all telling journalists and bloggers how they've somehow lost integrity because they suppose we're all getting paid to write stuff. Just not true - credit us reputable bloggers with enough sense to disclose if we have been paid to write something, otherwise take it as a news item and keep your stupid thoughts to yourself.