Quick App: Zombieville USA for iPhone

Let me start off by saying if you are a fan of side scrolling shooters or zombies, spend the money and buy this game now. Zombieville USA [iTunes Link] is my new favorite iPhone game available in all of the App Store.

As the lone survivor of a zombie apocalypse, it’s up to you to battle legions of the undead in a never ending fight for survival! How long can you hold out? Scrounge for cash and ammunition, and buy up to 15 upgradeable weapons as your inevitable doom closes in around you…

Zombieville USA has two simple objectives: shoot zombies and stay alive. Your weapons and ammo are in short supply so using them at the appropriate time is critical. As you progress thru the levels you can jump into houses that will supply you with cash and ammo as well as keep you protected from the zombies. At the end of each level you can use the cash you've pick up to upgrade weapons and refresh your health.

While Zombieville USA is not without some quirky bugs, the developer promises to have them addressed in it's first update, which is due out next week. This game is on sale and can be purchased right now for only $.99! The sale ends next week when the update is released so be sure not to let this one pass you by.

So again, if you are a side scrolling shooter fan or just love zombies and have a fantasy you are Bruce Campbell kicking some zombie butt in Evil Dead 2... minus the chainsaw, this is your game.

Wait, there is a chainsaw... "Groovy..."

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Reader comments

Quick App: Zombieville USA for iPhone


The review + that trailer = sold.
Syncing my iPhone now. Going to try it out in a bit.

Doe anyone else have problems with this game crashing a lot? I can't seem to get through a level without it dying on me.
Also shooting seems kinda finicky. I think an actual fire button would work wonders.

@Ben, for me the game has yet to crash what so ever. Reboot your phone and try again. Also keep in mind there will be an update next week.

This game is SWEET! its only a buck right now too. Definitly would like to see more games like this.

This game has not crashed for me, but sometimes it stutters. I noticed I only had 84MB free on my phone, so I'm reducing the number of songs to free up some memory. Great game, otherwise! Would buy again! ;)

I made it to level 32 tonight. 1175 zombie casualties. It took me am hour and a half to get there, but it was pretty hot and heavy after level 30. Non-stop craziness. Anybody else?

Hey i liked this game alot. only got to lvl 15 but ive only had it for a day. i was wondering what other games people who enjoy this would like. i have an i touch if this matters.

right i downloaded zombieville usa fine, and i put it on my ipod. i click on it and it comes with that mica sommin load screen. i wait for ages and after about 5mins of the load screen it puts me back on the homepage.
i paid money for that and it wont even load. HOW DO I FIX THIS? PLZZZZZZZZZ

slicky i think you should remove the zombie ville app from your ipod, then sync it back to your ipod from itunes on your computer

I got to 62, easy as punch, I can show u the photos and he method I used if u want, just facebook me if u want the trick ;) name is jake baudet, happy headshotting :)