Quick App-ocalypse: Fartbox for iPhone... Seriously?

And Lo! When Apple opened the 1st seal, "Pull My Finger" was approved. When Apple opened the 2nd seal, "iFart Mobile" earned $10,000 a day. And when Apple opened the 3rd seal, there was silence in the App Store... except for a deafening cacophony of flatulence as Fartbox took to the field of battle.

Mactropolis has all the... graphic details, including sounds and languages (languages!).

Yeah. Um. Darwin kernel, BSD networking, OpenGL graphics, and the first new UI revolution in a decade, and farting is dominating the sales discussion and -- doubtless -- the funding pitch space.

Could the Hell Mouth hurry up and swallow us now-ish?

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Rene Ritchie

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Quick App-ocalypse: Fartbox for iPhone... Seriously?


Fartbox will undoubtedly increase the attraction of the iPhone to the masses. Also sure to add to its popularity among the people are its recent addition to the merchandise mix at Walmart.
This has spawned a whole new category of apps for the Walmart shopper. Here’s a sample from my Top Ten Walmart Apps at http://danieldurazo.com/2008/1...hone-apps/
4: Sounds of NASCAR: No need to yell “Run ‘em off the road Dale!” while watching your favorite race. This handy app will do the yellin’ and whoopin’ for you with the touch of a button. Just pick from our list of top drivers (Juan Pablo Montoya not available) and popular sayings and your iPhone will do the cheering for you.
Thanks and happy holidays!

This should be called iSh|t, because that is what it is. I wish developers would spend more time towards useful and productive apps.

I hate to admit that our newly produced screencast accidentally featured a flatulence app. How embarrassing!

I much as I hate these apps, I hate 20 different ToDo, Notepad, Vcard, and Landscape Email apps even more. :roll:

I must admit to getting Pull My Finger for a laugh. Now I'm bored with all the fart apps. Maybe the app store had too many sprouts over Christmas. Anyway, it's probably time for a sub-category called toilet humour. Bah, humbug!