Eliminate Pro and Touch Pets Dogs for iPhone Now Available in Canada (Other Countries to Follow)

Update: per comment below, Eliminate Pro and Touch Pets Pro are only available in Canada for now whole ngmoco tests their

First-person shooter Elminate Pro [Free - iTunes link] and virtual pet sim Touch Pets Dogs [Free - iTunes link] for iPhone and iPod touch, first shown off by ngmoco at WWDC 2009, have begun making their way into iTunes App Stores around the world (we've confirmed them in Canada, other countries should be getting them soon as well).

Both games utilize the plus+ network for community gaming, with Eliminate looking to bring the classic Golden Eye/Halo style gameplay to Apple's platform, and Touch Pets Dogs, the Nintendogs virtual pooch model. (Sadly, no, there's doesn't seem to be a way to cross over within the two games yet, and hunt the mean soldiers with doggy cuteness -- or vice versa).

The price for both being zero, we're guessing Apple's new policy of "free games can charge for in-app purchases" is having an immediate an obvious effect. Demo without risk, and if you love one or both, they'll figure out levels or gear or powerups or accessories you can buy to enjoy to love them even more.

Touch Pets Dogs video after the break, and if you try them out, let us know what you think!

[Thanks Alexander for the tip!]

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Reader comments

Eliminate Pro and Touch Pets Dogs for iPhone Now Available in Canada (Other Countries to Follow)


These apps are not out yet. I tried clicking on the iTunes link and was said the app is currently not available in the U.S.

ngmoco is testing their servers by releasing the app only in Canada for now. Once they verify things are good they'll release it more widely.

If you look at the intro video on http://eliminate.ngmoco.com/ it seems that the game is free to play but there's a credits system that lets you buy upgrades with those credits that you earned in "rated" games which you played using your credits. If you have no more credits, your games simply go unrewarded, but every day, your credits are refilled automatically and you can play "rewarded" games again, after which you can buy upgrades if you earned credits. If you want to play more games which can earn you credits than the daily refill allows you to, you can buy additional credits via in-app purchase (I guess).
Clever system actually. It's just a shame that on many JB-en devices, in-app purchases reportedly don't seem to work properly.

It really sucks though that they are using this 'energy' scheme in eliminate...i play two rounds and then i'm out of energy and cant play again for another 4 hours without buying energy!!

I'm glad Ngmoco showed us Canadians some love :)
Eliminate is fun, I have no problem with the energy scheme because that means I won't be hooked on it for hours at a time :D

Wow this looks pretty amazing. After I played Cube I was wondering if they could make an FPS with a decent control scheme. Having two "joysticks" is very important, as thats how xbox and ps do it, even wii. Double clicking for shoot would work well, I feel like this game could really catch on, and it seems like they've done everything right. Now to wait for the US version...

this game looks sick... i cant wait till it comes out in the US... i hope it runs smoothly on an iphone 3G...

I call Nickle and Diming! Just give me a flat out fee and I'll pay it. Don't nickle and dime me to get more revenue out of the game than you would if you charged a nominal fee.

I got this game by making a fake iTunes account using a hotel in Canada as my address. The "energy" runs out after a few games and purchasing more costs $2, but I can't currently do this using my regular account. However energy replenishes a bit after I believe 4 hours. Game is pretty sick and works well over 3G here (NYC) few CI's here and there but wifi is flawless.

You can play games without energy but you don't receive any credits which are used for upgrades and needed for leveling up. It's much like online mmos that are free to play but reward players who spend money. It's not unbalanced but it will certainly be easier and faster for paying players to advance

@kyle, how did you set up a itunes in canada? i have an address and all that but it only gives 3 billing options visa,MC, AMEX. If i enter my legit info and it says not valid in canada.

What a rip-off. Yeah, it's free, blah blah but the fact remains you can only play 3 games every 16 hours....
That's a total of 5 minutes tops that count towards your progress. This is beyond nickel and diming. This is just pure greediness. If this is how you stop the piracy problem, this is also how you break the app store and people ever buying games again.
Once people will get over the hype, and realize just how little you can actually do every day, the complaints will come in ten-fold to what it is now.

I agree 100% with the above statement. Why should we be punished because some people are thieves? This game is garbage in its current state, and this in app purchase crap is ruining the app store.

yeah i think they should change the match up system that can make all player equal a 5lvl gap max like if im lvl 5 my enemy max lvl should be 10 and the energy system mqke it 2hr recharge but its not like 2hr per 3 energy instead make it 2hr per full charge!! that would be a nice offer

I first read about Eliminate Pro here and have been addicted ever since. If you are looking for somewhere for tips, tricks and discussion on Eliminate Pro, check out eliminatepro.com. I saw the GetSatisfaction boards with questions and NGMoco doesn't have anywhere to discuss so someone setup this site. Hope to see you there.

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