Quick Apps: Shards and Hedronism for the iPhone

John Welch wrote in to let us know about Shards and Hedonism. Shards also has a free demo lite version, Shardsette available via the App Store.

Shards is a hybrid that combines inlay and breakout style games. Each level is composed of four types of triangles: floor, empty, wall, and void. You must first fill the empty triangles by tapping triangle based shapes in that appear in a bubble that the player controls with tilt movements. Hedronism is a permutation puzzle. You start on a faceted globe and can move to your immediately adjacent neighbors changing their color in a predictable sequence. The goal is to turn the globe into any single color in the shortest time possible. Advancing to the next level increases the number of colors. Best time is kept for individual levels and for the difficulties easy, medium and hard.

Thanks John!

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Quick Apps: Shards and Hedronism for the iPhone


Yes, please elaborate... As the developer we are always interested in finding out what people like or don't like about the game. And of course we have forums where you can voice your thoughts if you want.